(Attack on Titan) Erwin Smith || The Last Stand

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I… …have a dream. One I’ve had since I was a child… Hundred and seven years ago… To humanity who had fled to these walls… Thats’s Commander Erwin, head of the Scout Regiment’s Task Force. The king had altered the memories to make them easier to govern. The wall between us and the truth will fall. Before I knew it, my father’s theory became truth inside my heart. Now my mission in life…is to prove my father’s theory once and for all. There will come a moment when we learn the truth of our world and I must be there for it. – Is it that important to you?
– Yes. More than humanity’s victory? Yes. If we can reacth the basement, we will find a clue that will end this century of Titan rule. – Eren, I’m glad that you’re on our team.
– Me, too! I welcome everyone here to the Survey Corps! Roger, Erwin. I’ll trust your judgment. This is a true salute! Offer up your hearts! No one knows how things will turn out. And even so, you have to make a choice. You must. I acted entirely on my own authority. And I offer no excuses. The Commander made his choice. Why? Damn you, why? For the future of humanity! What is it you think you see? Who do you think the real enemy is here? If there’s anyone who can bring change, it will be someone willing to sacrifice what they care for. Commander! Someone who can’t sacrifice anything can’t ever change anything! And upon a mountain of their corpses… …I now stand. I doubt a single one of us is making it back alive. Yes, assuming we had no way to counterattack. Is there a way? – So.. What do you plan to do, Erwin?
– Erwin you… What are you going to do? I bet, as I always do. Everyone will die someday. Does that mean life is meaningless? Was there even any meaning in our being born? Would you say that of our fallen comrades? Can you see them? Our comrades? Their lives… Were they meaningless? No, they weren’t! It’s us who gives meaning to our comrade’s lives! The brave fallen! The anguished fallen! The ones who will remember them… are us, the living! Once more, for humanity… …give your hearts! This is the moment that will determine the survival… Fire! or extinction of humanity! Fire! Humanity or Titans? Which side will live? Which side will perish? Eren! Advance! We die trusting the living who follow to find meaning in our lives! That is the sole method in which we can rebel against this cruel world! My soldiers, rage! – My soldiers, scream!
– Advance! My soldiers, fight! Commander Erwin! We can’t let the flames of hope extinguish inside the walls! The only one who can lay waste to the Titans… is a devil! Give up on your dream and die. I will take down the Beast Titan. And in the end, when he had finally been set free from hell, we wanted to bring him back once more. But I think… it’s time to let him rest. Levi… Thank you.


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