presents Were there more HIGHLY DEVELOPED CIVILIZATIONS than now? Did ATLANTIS exist? The existence of an island country
where an anthropomorphic god reigned. He was surrounded by his children – an assembly of gods who ruled people, had wonderful technologies (mysterious magic objects), possessed climatic weapons, the ability to clone a human (text on the screen: the hero Gilgamesh, the hero Heracles, the hero Odysseus), medical technologies prolonging a person’s biological life beyond the species limit, meaning, increasing life for a long time – the so-called “immortality in the body for the selected ones” – this information is mentioned in the ancient traditions of different peoples of the world. INCONVENIENT KNOWLEDGE MONOCRACY
SURROUNDED BY ASSEMBLY OF GODS, REIGNED The legends about the over-advanced antediluvian civilization: – which was situated on the far West, on the large island, surrounded by water; – country the powerful influence of which was once spread all over the world; – the country where El autocratically ruled with own entourage of his chosen servants – the Elite, Text on the screen: El. Elite
and endowed his children with power over different nations; refer to very ancient times Peoples of the East and peoples of the West
who lived several millennia ago have kept these legends. Each nation called this island state in their own way.
text on the screen: ISLES OF THE BLESSED text on the screen: DILMUN. AVALLON.
ELYSIUM. ATLANTIS and other. For example, in the
oldest Sumerian legends – this is the blessed island of
DILMUN, “The Land of the Living”, where there was no disease and
death, the gods’ place of living. The scene of one of the oldest Sumerian myths
about the gods Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag, about the human Ut-Napishti who survived the Great Flood. These legends are embodied in the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh hero, as well as in the Babylonian poem “Enuma Elish”. It is from these legends much later, after many centuries, the Hebrew priests borrowed stories about Eden of paradise, the forbidden fruit, the expulsion from paradise, the Great Flood and much more. In Celtic mythology – it is an island of blessed AVALLON,
located on distant “western islands”. Its symbolism: a glass tower or palace, wonderful apples, granting immortality and so on. The word AVALLON is originally found as a proper name in the Welsh genealogy regarding the mythical ancestor of the oldest dynasties of Britain. In Chinese mythology, the paradise of immortals (xian). It is located on three sacred mountains: Penglai, Fāngzhàng and Yíngzhōu, which swim in the sea-ocean. It is mentioned that immortal people “xian” ride on the clouds, navigating flying dragons. They have the garden of the goddess Xiwangmu,
in which the peaches of immortality grow (p’an-t’ao). It is known that in legends the immortal person xien often has the face of a white-bearded old man and he is depicted with the attributes of immortality. And in the mythology of the Hellenes, that is, the ancient Greeks – this country was called ELYSIUM
ATLANTIS HELLENES ABOUT ATLANTIS Atlantis. That’s how was named a highly developed island state in the Atlantic Ocean by the first among the Hellenes the ancient Hellenic philosopher Plato
in his dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”. Plato was a descendant of the Athenian lawmaker of the 6 century BC – archon Solon, who was called “the wisest of the Seven Wise men” of the country of ELlada, a country known as Ancient Greece now. According to Plato, the great mystery is that the story of the natural cataclysms is repeated and the present civilization is far from being the first, the Egyptian priests told to archon Solon during his travels through Egypt. By the way, according to the legend of the Hellenes,
the bloodline of Solon has its origins directly from Poseidon, the god of the seas, who, as it is considered have “founded Atlantis and settled his children there”. According to the ancient Greek tradition, ATLANTIS was a large island state, which was located to the west of the Pillars of Hercules, opposite the Atlantean Mountains. Other ancient sources report about the “land of Titan Atlas”. Atlanteans waged wars and spread their power far beyond their state. Atlanteans society was at the stage of decomposition: selfishness, power, luxury, ambitiousness, corruption of morals. According to the legend, in punishment, the gods sent on them a severe earthquake and a flood. The large island of Atlantis was DESTROYED during a sudden strong earthquake and rapid flooding. It was flooded in the waters of the ocean
“in one day and one disastrous night”. According to Plato, the death of Atlantis occurred 9,200 years before the time of the Archon Salon (Athenian lawmaker of the 7th century BC). That is, 12 thousand years ago from modern times. Today there is a lot of scientific material on the issue what do oceanologists, geologists, geotectonists and specialists in other fields of science think about this. Many scientists had no doubt about the existence and submerging of a big area of land that once was in the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and America, which Plato mentioned about But many people were astonished by the very fact of a
fast land submerging in only one day in this legend. However, the current rapid global climate change on
Earth, which has been observed in the last two years, all this indicates that in the modern world any day
can be the last for the consumer civilization. As Igor Mikhailovich Danilov said: “It is people
with their choice and whom they choose to serve: the devil or God, they move closer
or move away the end of the world. A lot depends on people.
Some people doubt the end of the world. But for today, only a fool or someone who does not see
what is going on outside the window can doubt”. THE COUNTRY OF ETERNALLY ALIVE Since ancient times, people living on different continents have preserved a common spiritual heritage, which includes an understanding of how
can a mortal human reach life without death, how to acquire eternal life. They were based on primordial spiritual knowledge
about the existence of the Spiritual world, the eternal world of God, that God is one, about
the temporality and mortality of the material world. There was an understanding of the power of God, and that it lies in the Love of God. There was also knowledge of the seven messengers
of the Spiritual world, the executors of the will of the One God. They periodically come to this world
at the most important stages for humanity. That is, their immortal Spirit temporarily
incarnates in this world in the human body and, thus, being equal in living conditions with people, they fulfilled their mission until the destruction of the
body shell, meaning, the death of the temporary body. If six of the seven messengers from the Eternal,
Spiritual World come occasionally and necessarily, then one of them is constantly present on the Earth
at the behest of God. He has many names, but his real name is Ahriman. In modern terms, he is a programmer
who wrote a program that is what people at different times have called
the Devil, Satan, Iblis, or just a reasonable system. A system, part of which is the consciousness and
thoughts coming to the person from the system. Thoughts influence and work patterned, as programs. Ahriman constantly monitors the work
of his global intelligent system. He is here, in the material world, only “one day”, starting from the ancient understanding that
the entire material world exists with only billions of years “just one day”. Many people have a question, why it is needed
the devil and these demons in their head, all these programs with coming thoughts and emotions, built on pride, envy, hatred
and a assembly of earthly desires? But, according to primordial knowledge, they just create the conditions for human choice:
to be mortal or to find spiritual immortality. Thoughts seduce, create earthly desires,
they are stimulants of vices, a thirst for power and dead attributes
of the material world. But these filter programs – the devil and the demons are also all-seeing guards before the gates
into a true paradise. Heaven of God. The Spiritual world is a world where there is no matter, it is a world in which another form of existence, interpreted in the human understanding
as the Love of God. Love of God People called in different ways the immaterial place where messengers from the Spiritual World
constantly reside. One of the names known today is
the legendary Shambhala, headed by Rigden Jappo. According to the primordial Knowledge, Shambhala is situated between the real eternal world
of God and the temporally existing material universe, that is, in the highest – 72 dimension of this Sphere. This is from where came the mention of the number 72
in ancient legends, stories, images. I would also like to note that the familiar material world
is already changing in 4 dimensions, and in the seventh, it is already absent as matter. The seal of Shambhala is the ancient AllatRa sign, stylized on the all-seeing eye of God, or the sun rising from the horizon
in a triangle with divergent rays. With the seal of Shambhala, as a sign, was marked the
territory or place where was the interest of Shambhala. Similar signs of distinction were worn
by representatives of Shambhala when they temporarily incarnated in this world, as well as those from among the worthy people
who helped them. As there were and still
are many legends about Shambhala, which are intertwined with legends
about the cosmic World mountain. In the legends, it was associatively said that immortal
gods live on the top of this mythical mountain. This concept is associated with an immaterial place, located outside the three-dimensionality, which can be
spiritually visited by those who are called saints, etc. And this is due to the processes of a significant
spiritual transformation of human from mortal to immortal and has nothing to do
with the matter as such, that is, neither with the physical body of a human
nor with any material place on earth. With these insights, it is easy to distinguish
wheat from the chaff. “…While in firm position of the spiritual Observer, as well as having primordial Knowledge and working on himself, man gets practical keys to self-perfection and finds grains of the Truth even if they are hidden in an elevator full of chaff.” (from AllatRa book) When the Primordial Knowledge is lost… A person feels the Primordial spiritual. This is innate in him on an unconscious level. But also a person hears the thoughts
that consciousness dictates him constantly, and he perceives them as his own by mistake. What a person chooses in himself, to what
he attaches his attention, he eventually receives that. Loss of spiritual knowledge occurs when a person
ceases to work spiritually on himself, loses his inner connection with God, that is, the possibility of gaining his real immortality
in a temporary life. Instead, he begins, as a servant,
to fulfil the attitudes of consciousness – to seek immortality and salvation in the material world. The result is uniquely sad – subpersonality. The patterns of consciousness as part of the system
are the same at all times. Therefore everything in the world is the same
and repeats itself after a certain period of time. 12,000 years is just a cycle. What happened in Atlantis? Most people have chosen a consumer format
of civilization in their minds. The desire to achieve immortality in the body
became the dominant idea. Consciousness began to distort actively
and substitute primordial spiritual knowledge on directives beneficial to the system. Thus ancient religions were born, where spiritual action
inside a person was replaced by an external spectacle and the satisfaction of earthly desires. Atlantis is an example of that. So, due to the loss of the primordial Knowledge, people began to call in the legends seven messengers
from the Spiritual world – the gods. This misunderstanding of the majority was taken advantage of in its earthly interests
by ordinary mortals who, having reached power,
resorted to the latest achievements of science – the discovery of the prolongation of human life
beyond the species limit. They called themselves legendary immortals, although at the same time they remained mere mortals
who only significantly increased their lifetime. A common mortal man named El
declared himself the supreme god. He appropriated names and epithets from the legends of
one of the seven messengers from the Spiritual world, who was constantly on the Earth – Ahriman. And then he appointed the gods first of all,
then his children, giving them the names
of the legendary messengers of the Spiritual world. And for people to believe him and his associates,
and to support their power – El and his servants – the elite created the Elysium
on an island with a favourable climate and on a single low mountain,
like in the descriptions of the World Mountain. As a result, after several generations of their power,
people could not already distinguish where the truth is, and where the fiction. Only from the saint, there was nothing there anymore,
the society degraded. The salvation of the body
became the goal of people’s life, and the concept of the One God
became a worship the material image of a mortal man with a beard sitting on the throne. It only seems to a mortal human
that his earthly power is unlimited. But this is only an illusion created in his mind
by the system itself. In fact, he becomes a controlled slave: what kind of thought the system will impose on him,
that he will obey with obedience. The descendants of those who managed to survive
after the demolition of Atlantis, to hide from retribution and survive the subsequent
times of the new spiritual formation of mankind, became custodians of the ideological heritage
of Atlantis. When the epoch of patriarchy came, they started to propagate actively the ideas of
omnipotence and sought to implement them, establishment of new world order
planning for centuries ahead. Controlled by the patterns of consciousness, they led the game of the system
in secret knowledge and secret activity: they created closed groups, clans, secret orders, organized initiations into
the so-called “great mystery of mysteries”, giving the story of the country of El for fate of the
chosen ones, granting their pride belonging to supposedly dominant a race
of highly developed people, which, in their opinion, must govern all people on earth, that is, to the servants of El – ELite. This can be clearly traced in different historical times. It was on their initiative that there appeared the stories,
including, the stories about Atlantis and the mountain of the immortal Olympic gods. This information was subsequently introduced into the
minds of new generations as a pattern of behaviour. After all, what is allowed to the gods,
the human pride invariably copied to itself. The descendants of the Atlanteans
took many other initiatives, because of which today most people
have lost spiritual knowledge, they dream about immortality in material bodies, and do not even know that they have already lived
under the Aegis of EL and unconsciously seek to imitate his ELITE. But it did not happen immediately. The descendants of the Atlanteans waited for the time
when the system would gain strength and again dominate the minds of people… a time when the spiritual resistance of mankind
will be weakened. Because they knew the main thing, that
everything begins with a human and his choice. How it really was… When the era of patriarchy came,
priests and militant leading figures usurped power. That’s how there appeared many gods endowed
with human passions, and bloodthirsty tin gods, who were portrayed in material bodies
with symbols of power and attributes of immortality. And that whole system of power was popularized by a mixture of particles
of spiritual grains of primordial Knowledge (otherwise it would not be so attractive to most people) with beneficial to the system guidelines, such as the division of people, the domination of some over others, hatred, intolerance. As a result, the society has degraded by the conventional
patterns of consciousness programs: military clashes, conquests, exploitation. A simple example is the first Sumerian city-states,
in which the first kings ruled. Have you ever wondered why the world history in
different countries of the world in school textbooks, textbooks for higher educational institutions, begins with the IV-III millennium BC
from the ancient cities of Mesopotamia and Egypt? And then, as a rule, there are indicated Ancient India,
China, Ellada (Ancient Greece). Why is the attention of new generations
concentrated especially in this Middle Eastern region and precisely in this period of time? On whose initiative or, more precisely, who is
the sponsor of the dominance of exactly this opinion in this approximate science
of guessing dates and events? As though nothing more important existed before: no megalithic cities on different continents, no Trypillian ten thousand cities
in the territory of Ancient Europe, no highly developed cities in Eurasia,
whose inhabitants led a peaceful way of life. It is not even reported that before the Sumerians
there lived people in Mesopotamia who especially respected the Allatra sign, as, indeed,
other people from ancient times on different continents. ALLATRA SIGN
12-1 millennium BC
The symbolic depiction of the sign of spiritual transformation among different peoples is AllatRa. More details about the AllatRa sign and other signs are described in the AllatRa book by Anastasia Novykh. The book is freely available on the website And why in this “world history of the elected ones” all communities of people before this period –
conditionally called “cultures”, and then – “civilizations”, the first city-states? The answer lies in the word “state”. Due to borrowings from other languages
and translations, we meet such interpretations as
“dominance/overlordship”, “dominus/lord”, “power”, “head of the family”. The ancient sources of the origin
of the word “dominance” lead to Sumerians. It was at this time in the East that active propaganda
of the ancient supreme deity began, the primal forefather named El, the history of his formation, the struggle for power
with the old gods and their overthrow, the rule of the peoples by his children
and the assembly of gods under his administration. Considering that the Sumerians
were dominated by the power of religion and propagandized by a assembly of gods
led by the main god, it becomes clear from what “family of gods”
the example of people management was copied. “KINGDOM OF MIND” How did the history of the so-called people’s “civilization”
coming to the fertile valley of Mesopotamia start? From the division of surplus and bureaucracy. The first pictographic texts were accounting records,
economic lists, checklists. To put it simply, the era of matriarchy was ruined by daily
routine, as well as a thirst for the “patriarchy” power. This is also the case with a person who loses
a spiritual connection with God within himself. Dictate of consciousness arises in him. He begins to pay excessive attention
to his household arrangement in three-dimensionality at a loss to his spiritual development. And with the domination of the kingdom of mind,
everything is patterned, regardless in the family or in the community: the definition of an external enemy,
the desire to seize neighbouring territories, the exploitation of surrounding people,
the struggle for power. What does this lead to? Did the country Sumer was a country of free people? Sumer of the end of the III millennium BC is a country
that has constantly waged aggressive wars, a country of mercenaries, slaves
bought or captured in the war, a country of debtor slaves who sold
their family members and themselves into slavery. A country that lives by a collection of laws of kings,
who proclaimed themselves governors of the gods. The country of 30 pieces of silver, where human life was expressed in the measure
of the value of the commodity of that time – in silver. This is evidenced by the tablets
with the annual reports of the guards, which are devoted to operations with labour and slaves. And this “kingdom of minds,”
the slaves and servants of the god Ellil, spread his tentacles to Syria, Asia Minor, and Elam. NEWCOMERS WITH THE HISTORY ABOUT EL The ethnonym, meaning, the name “Sumerians”
is a scientific abstraction, it is not the self-designation of the people. This name is simply used to denote to the people
who came to Mesopotamia fertile lands. In the general literary heritage of Ancient Mesopotamia, which came through the cuneiform
tablets of the Sumerians, then the Akkadians who adopted their heritage,
and later in the writings of the priests of Babylon, it is first described the story of power formation, repeated the antediluvian history of the omnipotence
of the long-lived El and his elite. El here are attributed the qualities
of the god Enlile (Akkadian Ellil), which later became one of the main gods
of the Sumerian-Akkadian pantheon. And there can be traced the echoes of the old legends,
left from the original knowledge – about the seven gods, among which was also Enlile –
one of the names of Ahriman, that Enlile was the second after the heavenly god named
Anu and his permanent representative on the Earth. But already in the Sumerian legends, Enlil of the seven gods is actively attributed to the
antediluvian history of the world autocrat – El. The main epithets of ENLIL are:
“The Great Mountain,” “the ruler of all countries,” “the ruler who determines destinies,”
“the lord whose words are immutable,” and “Father of the gods”. There was even such an expression “Enlil of all gods”, “Enlilship above the gods”.
The term “Enlilship” means “dominance”. LITERATURE OF THE SUMER In the Sumerian hymn “ENLIL IS EVERYWHERE…”, in which Enlil is honoured,
his epithets and deeds of the gods are listed. In this cult text, designed to strengthen
collective emotions, contains such words: “…Without the Great Mountain Enlil,
No city would be built, no settlement would be founded; No cow-pen would be built,
no sheepfold would be established; No king would be elevated,
no priest would be given birth; No high priest would be elected as oracle; Soldiers would have no generals or captains…”
* * * “…The Temple of Enlil is a mountain of abundance,
They take sacrifices there, they grant absolution!…” * * *
Enlil, if you look upon the shepherd favourably, If you elevate the one truly called in the Land, Then the foreign countries are in his hands,
The foreign countries are at his feet! A good example, one of the first ancient cities of
Mesopotamia – Eridu is called the city of the first kings. According to the legends,
his patron is the god Enki son of Enlil acts as the organizer of the world order on earth. The city is ruled by the son of Enki himself – a man
named Adapa, who was half-god, half-man hero. It was believed that it was Adapa who brought
civilization to the city from the island of Dilmun, meaning, from the Island of the Immortals. By the way, Adapa in Akkadian mythology
is one of the “seven wise men”. A similar story about the Seven Wise Men
was much later in Ancient Greece – Ellada, where Solon was also called
one of the Seven Sages. NOTHING MORE THAN
folklore – myths – epic
IMAGINATIVE LITERATURE? What patterns of behaviour
were laid in the head of the younger generation? And who benefited from it? The Sumerians began to write actively and replicate
the texts of the legends about the country of El. For these purposes, special schools were opened –
“e-dubba” or “tablet houses”, “houses of script”, where they began to prepare scribes and those
who would be their heralds among the people. It is interesting that
when the Sumerian language became dead, up to the 1st millennium BC it was used
as a sacred literary language and the language of science
in the same Assyria and Babylon. In fact, today Latin is used in the same way. That is, the dead Sumerian language
was understandable only to the elect. Moreover, many signs of cuneiform writing
expressed precisely Sumerian words and their meaning, and the sounding of Akkadian words was recorded
initially through combinations of Sumerograms, like the current rebus and charades. Why it was needed such complexities, and secret
operations for the transmission of ordinary literary epic, myths and folklore, if it was such? The Sumerians made the texts easy
for memorization and comprehension. Moreover, the plot was designed to cause
collective emotions with help of the story, to put a crowd of listeners into the emotional state
established in the text, because the content was mostly known to listeners in advance. In general, in the modern understanding
it is preparing journalists for the mass media (although before this the cult texts
for a long time were memorized and transmitted from generation to generation). By the way, exactly the same method was used several
centuries later for the distribution of Homer’s “Iliad” among Hellenes and other peoples. Only those heralds-“journalists”
were already called “rhapsodies”, “sons of Homer.” Why did such bureaucratic state like Sumer,
where everything was taken into account, it was counted even every fruit on the tree, suddenly allowed itself such investment in epos? What are the goals of the sponsors of this activity? The fact is that all this mythology,
intertwined with religion, as a result, affected the worldview of not only these people,
but also on the receivers of their literary heritage – the Akkadians and later the Babylonians,
and from them it was spread to other peoples. But with the only difference is
that in subsequent generations, they no longer remembered the primordial,
but believed literally on the word what the local priests caring about their power said. The system has strengthened positions in the minds of people. In general, there was prepared an example
for people’s imitation: what god-like gods allowed themselves to do,
the same people did, taking an example from them. Moreover, the goal of human existence was replaced. Instead of the true meaning of human life,
understanding what for a human was created – this transformation into a spiritual being,
the merge with God’s love within himself, Text on the screen: God’s Love the priests, under the dictation of his consciousness, instilled into the minds of the congregation something that was beneficial to the system. Namely, the person was inspired from childhood that the goal of creating a person is to work for the gods: to cultivate the land, graze cattle, collect fruits,
feed the gods with their victims. That is, to work for El and his elite, devoting all their lives and all their attention to the outside, the same is observed to this day in such a format of human society as a consumer civilization. WORLD VIEW SUMERIAN AND BABYLONIAN LITERATURE What was hidden in the sample FOR IMITATION? Pride, murder, drunkenness, deceit, revenge, vanity, selfishness, betrayal, human love with the help of witchcraft – in general, all the same pattern system settings in the minds of people. SEPARATION OF PEOPLE as in the country of El
(SYSTEM IDEOLOGY: DIVIDE AND RULE) As in the country of El (and this will be explained in detail later in the story about the gods of Olympus), in the legends of the priests of Ancient Mesopotamia, people were divided into gods, heroes and savages. And considering how the descendants of the Atlanteans – the archons have replicated these images in the minds of people for centuries, striving for a single world power, this can be observed even now in the modern world society. The Assembly of the Gods – Elite – were patrons of people, endowed with all human attributes and qualities, possessing magical objects (high technologies). An example, God Shamash made it easier for the hero Gilgamesh the victory over the monster, thanks to the seven winds that blow at the will of Shamash. The monster had striking rays and guarded a special section of the not a simple cedar forest of the god Ellil. Today many rich people of the world dream of being elected to the circles of the world elite or at least be useful to them, aspire to have protection and their patronage for their mini-empire, whether it is business or influence on the territorial region. Heroes
(an example, the image of Gilgamesh) are lucky fellows who, with all their feats,
were not owed to themselves, but to some mighty patron among the gods (from the elite of El)
who possessed magical objects. That is, there was a programmed hero
who was supposed to destroy the evil that his patron would consider to be the evil, and then he dies young, in general, as the gods decide on the council of the gods. During their short life, the heroes had to think about the meaning of life, to seek immortality in the body, since the gods have already possessed this immortality. And the highest manifestation of courage – it was to be a recognition of one’s own defeat, promoted later in literature before the hero’s suicide. Today, millions of people dream from childhood
to be like the famous heroes-supermen of their time from films popular for the whole world,
serials promoted with the help of the media. And being adults, many people imitating them, risk their lives for the sake of translating
the plans of the world elite. not even knowing who they are really working for
and why, Savages (example, the image of Enkidu –
the servant of Gilgamesh) – a savage – an impersonal creature who joined the civilization
and became a devoted servant of the Hero. He had to pay to the gods with his suffering and death
for their common accomplishments, his and the hero’s ones. Today, billions of people stay in a state of misery
and poverty, barely living from paycheck to paycheck. Since childhood, they dream
of at least standing next to famous people, not to mention to be as useful to them as possible
in order to break out of poverty into “decent people”. Fixed IDEA:
by the main hero takes a central place in the Mesopotamian literature. The epic titled “He who saw everything”
about the Gilgamesh hero, is built around this plot and is repeated
in different versions for different peoples, on which the sphere of influence of the descendants
of El spread in different centuries. But it is important to note the leitmotif of these works. It is supposedly impossible for a person to achieve
the main goal of his search – “eternal life”. The futility of human efforts in trying to get immortality
and eternal youth, that is, the fate of the gods. And the ending, that is,
the emphasis on the idea of the work, emphasizes the idea that the only immortality
that is available to a person is the memory of his deeds that glorified
his image and name. What do we see today? Billions of people do not know
about the spiritual purpose of their lives. Other billions of people,
considering themselves religious people, do not know how to achieve immortality really in life. This lack of knowledge is used
in its secret manipulative goals by the world elite. And how many people in the world
are dreaming about their own career, about becoming famous, glorifying their name, capturing in the ages,
so that everyone will know about them? For such a mass psychosis in the consumer society
all the conditions are created by the hands of the same people. And it does not matter in what scales
this or that consciousness thinks: one dreams to glorify his name
with stupidity on the Internet, having put a lot of photos of himself, and the other – a hypermind, releasing volumes
of scientific works with his own photograph, or giving his name a new kind of mollusks. The consciousness of all works in a pattern –
to glorify own name. But why the system is interested in the promoting of
such a pattern as immortality in the body, the achievement of eternal youth? And why focuses a person’s attention
on the promotion of his own image and name? Knowing the primordial spiritual knowledge and realizing
that the system changes its essence, one can understand that the answer lies in two points: “immortality in the body”
(now it sounds like “salvation”) and “glorifying the name”. According to the original spiritual knowledge, any person can achieve immortality
during the temporary existence of his body, that is, spiritually develop himself with the help of deep
feelings to such a state of inner spiritual transformation, when as the Personality, as Spirit,
he begins to live in the spiritual world. It is important to know that only the Spirit can be
immortal, but not the physical body and consciousness. Consciousness does not understand this. His God is a material image. Consciousness does not know how to feel deep,
it can only speak, think or to experience emotions. And what does consciousness understand? It understands only what the system understands. In the concept of the system, immortality in the body
is the prolongation of life beyond the species limit, this is an increase in the terms of one’s own life, although the system understands its finiteness. After all, its term is predetermined
as an ordinary program. So the promise of immortality in the physical body
is its patterned trick, proven by millennia, an illusion, living which people, without hesitation, waste
real forces of their attention on the food of system. And glorification of one’s own name with an image
in the centuries is also beneficial for the system. Thus it churns out subpersonalities to itself, which is
also a food for the system, being dead among the living. “ENÛMA ELIŠ” Today it is not a secret for scholars
studying Bible issues that much of it was borrowed by Hebrew priests from
the sacred texts of not only Ancient Egypt, but Babylon. The scripture about the creation of the world –
ENU-MA-ELISH was essentially the Bible of Babylon. And the priests of Babylon, in turn,
borrowed these texts from the priests of the Akkadians, and the Akkadians borrowed their cosmological
scriptures about the origin of the world and the administration of the gods
from even more ancient people – Sumerians. Whose god from the assembly of gods is more powerful,
depended on the political hegemony of the priests in this or that city or country. In fact, there was a struggle to ensure that their god
was awarded the epithet “enlilship over the gods.” The names of the main gods and heroes changed,
but the essence anyway, remained the same – the story of the seizure of power and the absolute power
of El and his elite over people. “ENU-MA ELISH” – Babylonian-Akkadian holy scripture, ancient Mesopotamian cosmological texts
about the creation of the world and the human race, about the origin of the gods and the universe, about the struggle and seizure of the power
of old and new gods, about how a bunch of gods confronted people,
how they dominated over the peoples and much more. The Babylonian legends emphasize that the cause of the
people’s distress is not the retribution for human sins, but the anger of the gods, their desire
to reduce the number of ever-growing humanity, bothering the gods with their noise. In “Enu-ma Elish” the main role in the creation of the
world has no longer Enlil, but a god named Marduk. And again the old story repeats – the main god
organizes the world order through violence. The leitmotif of the legend is the violent overthrow of the
ancient forces, power by the right of the strongest. Marduk is given the epithet of domination, that is,
“enlilship over the gods”, it is called “Enlil of all gods”. So Marduk holds the main place
in the pantheon of the gods of the 2nd millennium BC. By the efforts of the priests by the end
of the Old Babylonian period, he is already honoured far beyond Babylon. And even later, in the Hellenistic era, the story of Marduk
is largely copied by the archons of the Hellenes, only the main god is already called Zeus, and the
mountain on which he rules is called Olympus. What is the main goal
of this promoted epic poem “Enu-ma Elish”? Here the main goal is the putting together
of many gods images into one. So the features of the Sumerian-Akkadian gods Enlil,
Enki, Ea and others have already been transferred to Marduk. Why in the subsequent epochs the main god
of other peoples and tribes who came under the influence
of this system of worldview had such different conflicting characteristics
and human qualities (for example, angry, threatening, intimidating,
making a contract with the chosen people) and aroused bewilderment of believers
and their inconvenient questions to the priests. GOD IS ONE But why did the system do such actions, having transformed the multiple images of El
and his elite into different qualities of one god? After all, the concept of the One God
is a concept from primordial spiritual knowledge. Because in those days, knowledge began to be updated,
thanks to the Prophets preaching about the One God. They came to this world
in opposition to the system activation. Primordial knowledge of the One God
had a big resonance among people. However, the Prophets came and gone,
and the system remained in the minds of the generations that lived by consciousness. Therefore, the primordial knowledge
introduced by the Prophets, the priests of the dominant religions at that time,
distorted and replaced, endowed the One God with the qualities
of their multiple mortal gods from the past, such as anger, hatred, rancour and so on. And they did everything to make people fear God –
but not to love Him, to bring him gifts and offerings – but not to serve Him. INTERESTINGG FACTS Do you know the definitions of a trio, a council of seven,
a personality, a soul, an invisible world? All these definitions were known in Babylonia –
the heiress of Sumerian civilization. TRIO. COUNCIL OF THE SEVEN For understanding: at that time
the general structure of the pantheon of the gods, which was spelt out during the period
of the slave-owning Sumer, remains without special changes
during the whole period of antiquity, including in the Old Babylonian period. That is, at the head of the whole world there was a trio:
the supreme god Anu, Enlil and Ea. They are surrounded by a council of seven,
in other cases of twelve “great gods”, determining “shares” (shimatu)
of everything in the world. All the gods are divided into two clans,
into two generic groups – Igigi and Anunnaki. On the reliefs and seals of that time,
there are often scenes depicting how the deity patron leads a person to the supreme god
to determine his fate and to receive a blessing. It was believed that with the loss of his deity-defender, a person became defenseless against
the evil willfulness of the great gods, he could easily be attacked by evil demons. These are the accents-echoes
of the time of ruling El and his elite in Atlantis, which will be visually demonstrated
later in the story about Olympus. THE PERSONALITY. THE SOUL. INVISIBLE WORLD Echoes of the primordial knowledge were in Babylonia and this is evidenced by the fact that in 2-1 thousand BC the inhabitants of this country
knew about the Personality as a spirit. The bearer of the person’s personality was called
“lamassu”, the vital forces of man – “shedu.” And the understanding of “soul” (napshtu) –
meant some impersonal, it was identified by the priests with the breath,
then with the blood. That is what connected the person directly to One God, the priests, following the instructions of their
consciousness, were substituted for material concepts, that is, in the understanding of the system itself. It was also known at that time of the invisible world: ghosts, embittered shadows of the dead, not receiving
sacrifices, all kinds of spirits of the underworld (utukki, asakki, lemunti – “evil devils”),
night ghosts-incubus lilu visiting women, succubus lilith (lilitu), seizing men, and others. MO – SECRET FORCES Mo is one of the important
theological Sumerian concepts. Today it is often translated as “me” in the meaning
of what secret powers, divine essences mean. For example, the myth dedicated
to the theft of Enki’s “me” by Inanna. It is not clear when the translation of “mo”
changed into “me” and who was interested in it. In fact, in the primordial knowledge –
one of the names of the allat was “mo” – whence – among the peoples in the late period
of the epoch of the revival of human civilization, to which the Sumerians belong, – there were words that
reached the Slavonic language and are still used today – it is “мощь” (from Russian [mosh] – power),
“мочь” ([moch] – can), “моё” ([moyo] – mine), etc. The Sumerians generally had more “o” in the speech. In their language, two important concepts of “mo”
in the notion of allat and “do” – as a concept of anti-allat, have been preserved since olden times. That’s why many names
were associated with these words and denoted spiritual forces or forces opposing them. But, when the Sumerian language later became dead, then in the Slavonic language and to the present day
there are echoes of important concepts for antiquity. “Do” in the notion of the earthly anti-allat action,
is used to this day in such expressions, for example, as: о того, как (from Russian “before”); до куда ты будешь мне перечить
(“until when will you contradict me”); от сюда до туда (“from here to there”); дорога (“road”), etc. In general, the Slavonic language
is one of the few languages that has preserved the echoes
of the common ancient antiquity that was known to peoples living on different continents. It was believed that the mighty forces of “mo”, the driving
force in the development of the world, had people, peoples, cities, temples. But these mysterious forces could leave their possessor. Cult objects were also endowed with them, where
these forces kept their invisible properties for a time. AllatRA sign The Sumerian ideas of “mo” evolved into Akkadian ideas
about the “tablet of destinies” that determined the movement
of the world and world events. And it was emphasized that the possession of these
tables provided or confirmed world domination. In ancient times it was believed that the possession
of knowledge of “mo” was very significant, like in the modern world, the possession
of the ruler of the world power of “nuclear suitcase.” According to the poem “Enuma-Elish”,
the goddess Tiamat, Enlil, Marduk and other gods owned these tablets of destinies. ENU-MA-ELISH – the dominance of El and elite To date, experts, Sumerologists recognize the fact
that the Sumerian language is not yet well known and there is a problem of an elementary
misunderstanding of ancient monuments of both Sumerian and Babylonian texts. In many cases, they are forced to leave omissions,
question marks, or be satisfied only with a common understanding
of some part of the text, often hoping only for their intuition and for the understanding that enabled them
to acquire this civilization within the framework of the education provided to them. It is curious how today the name, the first words of the
Babylonian epic poem ENUMA-ELISH, are translated, actively emphasizing that it most likely means “When on high”, putting forward on the basis of this hypothesis
different versions of the interpretation of words. Someone is simply needed
this kind of cover for the truth. However, for the initiates, it is:
“The rule of El and his elite”. And for the rest ones:
“When on high”. And for them the first line of the epic sounds like this:
Before (“before”=“do”) the rule of El and his elite… To write at the beginning of the sacred text – “do” –
it was a standard technique in the ancient literature as a designation of anti-allat. For example, before (“do”) there were
these and those gods, before (“do”) there was heaven and earth, before (“do”)
a human was created, there was something initial. That is “before” (“do”) there was something
in the meaning of anti-allat, there was allat from the Spiritual world
(from the world of the One God), which gave birth to the whole “do” – that is anti-allat
and the material world appeared. So the one who is more aware
of the true history of the times, he understands the story
of this peculiar Bible of Babylon and why the ancient priests put these words first and how then it was translated for the people,
OF ARCHONTS ANCIENT HELLENES AND ANCIENT HEBREW PRIESTS Today, the traditions of the archons of the ancient
Hellenes, as well as the Hebrew priests about the country of El and his “island of the immortals” is the most famous for new generations and promoted throughout the world. Knowing the primordial, you can easily see what has been inculcated in the common spiritual heritage of peoples for the sake of domination and world power, distorting its essence and meaning. Do you think that you have not heard
about the country of El? But you do not even know that today
you live as a slave under his auspices. Think about it, even if you are an atheist, from where
since childhood you have the image of God as an old man with a beard sitting on the throne? Why from childhood do you have a desire to possess
magic objects and be like a fairy, warlike hero? Why are you attracted by the secret desire to join
the immortals and live in paradise in a material body? Why are your aspirations in this world
aimed at becoming a SELECTED MORTAL GOD, meaning, part of the ELITE? How strong is El today in your minds? ELITE – THE SERVANTS OF EL – who swear to El –
that who provide services to god El ELYSIUM – ELISHA – EL In the traditions of the archons of the ancient Hellenes, who got their knowledge
from the ancient priests of the East, the country of El is mentioned under different names. In addition to Atlantis, the most famous are the ELYSIUM
(or the Champs Elysees), and also OLYMPUS. ELYSIUM – in the ancient mythology
is the EARTHLY PARADISE, located on the western end of the earth in the form
of an island where the chosen by God El lived their lives. And the heroes and virtuous people were there
only after death, and then in the form of a SHADOW. It is a country of enjoyments and pleasures, which was mentioned by the ancient
Hellenic poets Homer and Hesiod. Homer mentions that ELYSIUM is situated
AT THE VERY EDGE OF THE EARTH, NEAR THE BANKS OF THE RIVER OCEANUS. Elysium played its role in the imaginative conceptions
of more than one generation of people who adopted from these legends a false idea
of the godly paradise as a special place on earth, where the chosen live in an immortal body. What does the word Elysium mean? ELYSIUM, OR CHAMPS ELYSEES,
is translated from Greek as the FIELD OF STAY… The Land of GOD’S EL stay. The ancient Hebrew name of ELISHA (Elisey, Elis,
from which the name the Champs Elysees came) is known from the Bible, as we already know, occurs in
the 2nd millennium BC in the cuneiform tablets of the Akkadian-Babylonian epos
written by the Sumerian cuneiform script. It is interesting that the word El is usually translated as –
god, might, power; the one who is above, and ISH means “human”. And the word Elisheva
means a person who swears to God. And the noun shevua (“oath”) has the same root
as the numeral sheva “seven”. An interesting chain is revealed: the 7 first mythical sages of Eridu,
the city of the first kings of the Sumerian civilization, the seven first wise men in the ancient city of Athens, who played a leading role in the history of Ellada. Seven swearing to god El – elisha. In general, it should be noted
that in ancient times in the Middle East the notion of a treaty (covenant) and its various types
was widespread enough: between people, between kings, between kings and liegemen. One of these covenants meant a solemn promise
of a one-sided nature, a kind of “oath” in which one of the parts
promised to perform certain actions. A special type of treaty was the covenant
that was concluded between God and human. He resembled the treaty on the granting
of rights by a ruler to his subjects. It is interesting that the term “Old
Testament” is a calque from the Ancient Greek, which literally means
“old contract, the one that was before”. EL – ELISHA – ELYSIUM EL To date, the most famous
references to the ancient supreme deity,
the progenitor named El are also preserved in the
mythology of the peoples populating Syria, Palestine,
Phoenicia from 4-3 thousand BC. Different ancient peoples called El in different ways. For example, one of the known names of the god El
is Il, Ilu, Ilim, Elim. In the Hellenistic period, El (Ilu) was equated with Zeus. In addition, he had different epithets, by which he was
esteemed by different peoples at other times. For example, in Syria, and then in the Roman Empire,
he was revered as ELAGABALUS, meaning, “mountainuous El”,
Heliogabalus – “the sun of mountains”. Or, for example, such epithets of El as EL OLAM,
meaning, “Everlasting God”, El Elyon, meaning, “God the Highest” – are one of the oldest names included in the Tanach –
the Bible of Judaism. It is interesting that the local God of Jerusalem ‘ēl’ elyôn was esteemed as the Highest God, the Creator of heaven and earth
and the overlord of the country, access to which was granted by Him
only on the condition of bringing tithes. El first of all was esteemed
as a symbol of supreme power. He was considered the ruler of the world,
the father of gods and people, sending down posterity to people.
“King of the Years”, “lord of immortality”. He was portrayed as a bearded old man
in long clothes and a tall tiara with horns. EL was depicted as accepting
the sacrifice and blessing the sacrificer, also in the image of a bull. Legends says that EL lives “at the source of the River,
at the source of both Oceans”. He heads the council of all the gods – his children. The gods act only with the permission
of El. The Ugarit list of the gods mentions
also El’s Father, whom El for his own power
later overthrows. But gradually El himself loses this power. In the 1st millennium BC in the Judaic pre-Judaistic pantheon, the image of El merges with the image of
Jahweh (Yevo). He was widely revered in Phenicia. In other tribes,
Yahweh is revered as a son of El. The vision of El
as a symbol of power, the supreme deity,
who heads the council of the gods is preserved in the Bible. In the Old Testament,
there are these words: “God standeth in the assembly of gods:
he judgeth among gods”… In Hebrew, they sound like this … Moreover, ELOHIM is one of the names of Yahweh
in the Old Testament in the plural, that is, it means not God Yahweh, but Gods … Yahweh. “In the beginning,
Gods created heaven and earth.” In Hebrew in place of the word God stands Elohim. The word Elohim
occurs almost 2,000 times in the Bible and comes from the common root “El”. El is also the ancient name of God in the Bible of Judaism “Tanah” – this is a collection that is included
in the Christian Bible. In the Slavic Bible,
it is traditionally translated with the word God in the meaning of being strong, powerful, at the top. INTERESTING FACTS FACT №1 El is still considered to be the patron of
not only the ancient cities. This name can also be found
in the name of geographical places, ancient architectural and temple buildings. El already appears
not only in the notation of modern names, but also in the names of entire peoples who do not even know about the true history, why it is exactly this way, rather than otherwise
in the lobbies of kings and their rulers, an urgent decision is made about such renaming, and who sponsors such initiatives
and why. For example,
the history of ancient Greece. Since the 2nd millennium BC,
tribes of the Achaeans (the Acheans), along with the Ionians,
Dorians, and Aeolians were one of the main ancient Greek tribes. However, in the 7th century BC, the archons decided to give names to their subordinate tribes that were living in certain territories, by the common name – Hellenes, and the country – Hellas. So it is called until now. And for the people, it was put forward the reasoning for the inculcation of such a name with reference to myths that were also written by archons. But the question is whose history was written by the archons themselves? FACT №2 E-BABBARA – “THE WHITE HOUSE” “The White House”
is a well-known name. But why is this the name of the residence of rulers
in different countries? Back in the 3rd millennium BC
in Ancient Mesopotamia, in the powerful at that time cities
of Sippar and Ellasar (Larsa), there were two temples – the subject of special concerns for
Babylonian, Assyrian and Chaldean kings. So, in both cities, these temples were called E-babbara (“The White House” or “The Brilliant House”). For example, in Sippar,
the White House consisted of 300 rooms and premises, among which were the dwellings of priests and royal chambers. “White houses” were dedicated to the
Akkadian god Shamash, who was the grandson of Enlil’s god. God Shamash was revered mainly as a god who established laws and watched their fulfillment. He was considered a bearer of
light and prosperity, freed captives and even raised the dead. This god was depicted as an old man
with a long beard who sits on the throne. Aren’t these images familiar to
Elite – those who are swearing to god El It is interesting that today the word “ELITE”
in different languages of the nations of Europe has the same meaning – the chosen one, and it is written almost identically (elite): The term “elite”
in French – since the 12th century, in the English language – since the 14th century, in the meaning “to elect”,
“to choose for service” that is, choose a servant behind whom
the subordinate group is assigned. In European languages,
the word “elite” has been spreading till the end of the 19th century. It has been brought into general use in 30-40 years of the 20th century. Today, it is said that the ideas that later served as the basis for the creation of the theory of the elite, namely selection in the ruling circles, upbringing, education of potential leaders, were developed, including by the descendant of the archon Solon, – the ancient Hellenic philosopher Plato, the very same Plato,
who mentioned the ancient legend of the Atlantis. But what his ideology and ideology of those whose
will he embodied in his works was based on? THE OLD NEW IDEOLOGY “ILIAD”
“ODYSSEY” ILIAD, ODYSSEY – Ancient Greek epic poems
attributed to an unknown poet named Homer. Until now these works are extolled for new generations as unsurpassed literary masterpieces, monuments of world significance. But what is their essence? Homeric epics “Iliad” and “Odyssey”
have similarities with the Babylonian epic “Enuma Elish”, as well as “He who saw everything”
about the hero Gilgamesh and other legends of the Sumerian
and Babylonian literature. The names of the main gods
have been changed, but the keynote concealed in these stories about the epic of the Trojan War and the wanderings of the leading characters is reduced to one thing: the final word in the fate
of the hero or peoples rests with the council
of the gods, headed by the main humanlike god, to whom
all human qualities and vices are common. In fact,
it is not just a monument of the past; it is a record in the human consciousness
of the Atlanteans’ ideology, the history of the life of gods sitting on the mountain
of immortality – the Olympus. The “Iliad” is about the participants
of the Trojan War events, the key moment is
that all the gods of Olympus participated. Where not the gods themselves participated, but they gathered for advice and decided, headed by Zeus, how exactly the course of events will evolve, to whom it is destined to lose and perish, even if
luck was on the side of certain heroes or peoples. In general,
like playing chess with yourself. That is,
the game of the gods was shown, while the listener’s consciousness was immersed in the emotions of the fights and strife of the heroes, their conflict relations. Speaking in modern language,
this is a thriller that ends tragically for the characters, where the leading hero whose example, in theory,
should be followed by people, (Heracles) commits suicide. And again the idea that immortality
is the destiny of the gods, but not of people, The Odyssey also tells about the wanderings of the main hero Odysseus,
who miraculously survived the Trojan war, about his meeting
with different nations, monsters, with phenomena of the invisible world and magic. But the keynote of the work
remains the same: the gods gathered on the council and decided
on the fate of Odysseus, and then ruled the hero
in his wanderings as a puppet. As a result, with hero’s hands the undesired
ones were destroyed, obedient ones – rewarded, the final word rests with gods. Just as in the case of the Sumerians, the text was intended for easy memorization and perception by the primary consciousness, that is, for the level of perception
of the 6-year-old child. Heroes or actions were associated with the moments
that a person encountered in everyday life and this served as
an additional reminder of the plot. Just as in the case
of the Sumerians, these works were addressed specifically
to listeners, not to thinking readers, with the goal of
provoking collective emotions. It was assumed that
the listener knew the prehistory, so the emphasis was made
on the emotional impact on the listener. Moreover,
as an introduction to such declamations were used “The Homeric Hymns” containing the appeal to different gods. Poems were created by
the same technique as the Sumerians had: during a quick emotional recitation,
like through the music perception, the public’s attention
is focused on the plot and its development. Such a peculiar
ancient rap-rock concert. The result is the state of collective excitation
of the Animal nature in the public. Simply put,
a collective egregore was generated: people were emotionally infected
with thoughts about the plot, and they themselves became the active bearers and distributors of the history of the gods of Olympus among the common people. Just like in the case of the Sumerians,
when they were preparing their ancient journalists, special people were
also being prepared here for promotion. As it was already mentioned,
since the 6th century BC, there were people who
at the legislative level had the right to publicly recite
the poems of Homer, the so-called
“sons of Homer” (rhapsodes). But who gave birth
to the image of Homer himself, so to say, whose son was Homer? WHAT A HOMER! Why Homer? The history has kept several interesting facts. Fact 1. In the 1st millennium BC, especially
from the 10th till the 7th century BC, the events took place
that subsequently influenced the change of the worldview of not only the peoples
of the East but also of the West and reflected on the
worldview of modern people. It was during these times that
the Babylonian epic poem “Enuma Elish” is popular, it was continued to be translated into different languages. The Ancient Hebrew Bible “Tanakh” appeared, which later on formed the basis
of the Bible’s Old Testament. The epic poem of Homer “Iliad” and “Odyssey”
was being compiled. It is interesting that god ENLIL
was known to the ancient Hellenes, thanks to the Babylonian translations
under the name ILLINOS. And the word Eliada (the Jewish Elyada) is translated from Hebrew as
“Someone god El knows” or “El knew, recognized”. ENLILSHIP ENLIL ILLINOS
ELIADA ILIAD Fact 2. In the Bible,
precisely in the Old Testament, it is mentioned about
the descendants of Noah, the man who survived the flood, according to ancient oriental stories. Noah had three sons. The eldest of them
was called Japheth. Japheth had seven sons, one of them was Homer, and the other was Javan. But one of the sons of Javan
is Eliseus (Jewish Elishah). That’s them who are considered
to be the ancestors of the Hellenes (the ancient Greeks). Fact 3 According to Greek legends, it is Hellen, the grandson of Prometheus, (under another version – son of Zeus)
is the progenitor of the Hellenes, and his sons and grandsons
are the eponyms of the main Greek tribes. Why is it exactly the Mount Olympus? The name of Olympus is prior to Greek origin. In the legends, the Mount Olympus was considered to be sacred and became the abode of the Hellenic gods
and the center of mythological tales. Few people know that Mount Olympus got its name from the word “El Olam”. In fact, this is a known expression since ancient times, meaning the same as the Sumerian “The Mountain of Immortal El”. Until now, in scientific studies of the literature of the past, there is the so-called “Homeric Question”. The learned men still argue: when, where, by whom
and for whom were these poems composed? Consciousness, as always, draws attention from the main question to the trifles, that is, not global causes of origin, spreading around the world and the effects of these works on the minds of entire epochs and generations are highlighted, but the dispute is brought to the point who wrote: one person or a collective of co-authors. And this dispute is traditional, but not concerning its essence. An organized criticism has begun since the 6th century BC, as another way of promotion and drawing attention to the works. Later on it was organized by means of such authorities as the same Plato who “blamed” Homer (he, so to speak, led those who are against in order to regulate their opinion in the right direction) and Aristotle, who praised the works of Homer and, accordingly, led those who are “in favor”. In general, as in the game of adults: “bad and good cop”. Everything would be fine, only this was the same team (Plato was the teacher of Aristotle), a team that fulfilled the wishes of the sponsors, the sponsors, who pursued the goal of seizing power and restoring their former world domination, those who knew how the human consciousness works and how to activate it. It was not by chance that Aristotle became the teacher of the 13-year-old future creator of the world power, Alexander the Great, who was inculcated with a new worldview through “love” for the Homer’s “Iliad”, and in such a manner that in the following list of “Iliad”, composed by Aristotle, this conqueror of nations will keep it under the pillow together with the dagger. It is known that Alexander the Great always carried a volume of the “Iliad” with him in a golden box. As recorded in the game of the gods in the “Iliad” plot, the gods quickly create a hero, use him, and then he dies by the god’s will, and his name is used in the following propaganda. Nowadays everyone knows the name of Alexander the Great, but does anyone feel any better out of it? The military campaigns of Alexander the Great contributed to the spreading of Hellenism foundations to the East. And this branch was also popularized among peoples. In the Middle Ages, one of the most popular books in several regions of Asia and Africa, as well as in Europe, was the “The Romance of Alexander”, where the biography of the leading character was reinforced with fictional episodes. In the era of baroque Alexander the Great became a popular character in theater and painting. The spreading of the worldview of archons
is still going on by all means that are available for them. But what is its nature from within?
text on the screen: THE WORLDVIEW OLYMPUS Hellenic mythology is called the Olympic mythology. But how much do these ancient myths correspond to the memory of the life history
of an antediluvian highly developed technogenic society under the tyranny of El the omnipotent?
text on the screen: EL The history of civilization, known today as Atlantis, can be understood only now – in the era of a sharp leap
in the development of new technologies. OLYMPUS THE MOUNTAIN OF GOD EL As the legends say, the OLYMPUS mountain
is a symbol of supreme power. This is the place where the earth converges with the sky and where the sky changes into the fiery thinnest ETHER. There is no rain or snow, there is eternal summer. On the Olympus are the palaces of Zeus and other gods, built and decorated by the son of Zeus – Hephaestus. The gates of Olympus open and close the mountains when the gods depart in the golden chariots. ENLILSHIP “PANHELLENIC” RULER EL THE WORLD OMNIPOTENT ZEUS (Dyeus) – acts as an omnipotent of the world order, as well as a punitive force, an example of the WORLD’S OMNIPOTENT and the ruler of the world’s destinies, the “King of kings”, “PANHELLENIOS” RULER. He belongs to the third generation of the gods, which overthrew the second generation – the Titans. Zeus rules of the Mount Olympus, commands nature and rules the destinies of people. People originate from the ashes of titans burned by Zeus. People subsequently bear the Titanic and the Dionysian (that is, coming from Zeus) origin. THE DICTATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS:
HOW EL SEIZED THE POWER HOW DID ZEUS SEIZE THE POWER AT OLYMPUS? The standard algorithm for the operation of consciousness, as part of the Animal Intelligence system, is introduced into the story of Zeus, as in the story of the Babylonian Marduk, in the form of a model for mass imitation by new generations. As a result, Zeus: – overthrew the previous generation of the gods – the father of Kronos and the Titans; – has gained supreme power over the gods and people; – struggled for power with his closest relatives; – gave birth to children and made them gods; – introduced a new law, order, norms of morality, science, art; – created his elite – the gods of a new type; – created the executors of his will, which conveyed his decisions to the rulers and heroes in the human society. Isn’t it a familiar story of the Sumerian Enlil
and Babylonian Marduk? Isn’t it a familiar story of the formation of power
and the rule of Alexander of Macedon, who was instilled with the taste of “Iliad” from youth? And not only him… Moreover, this model is introduced by descendants of Atlanteans initially with substitutions
about the spiritual significance of God for people. It is introduced, so that people understand that the supreme God is the same as people,
with animal passions and that there is no other alternative
to the peaceful coexistence of society. After all, as if the omnipotent God himself does the same thing… Why is there an image of God in the minds of modern people in the form of a man with a beard sitting on a throne? Who benefits from this? The system does not understand
what a real spiritual life is. That is why the dictatorship of consciousness over the Personality generates the corresponding images prescribed in the algorithms of the dictates of the system over people. A HUMAN named EL,
who proclaimed HIMSELF GOD ZEUS AND THE GODS OF THE OLYMPUS HAVE A HUMAN LOOK. They are characterized by all human passions, emotions, entertainment. They enter into numerous marriages. Live idly, carelessly. The gods feast in their golden palaces. The wife of Zeus is Hera, the golden-haired Apollo with her sister Artemis, and the golden Aphrodite, the mighty daughter of Zeus Athena, and many other gods. The daughter of Zeus, the young Hebe, and the son of King Troy Ganymede, the favorite of Zeus, who received from him immortality, bring them food that makes them immortal – ambrosia and nectar – food and drink for the gods. The gods decide all matters at these feasts, and they determine
the destiny of the world and people there. HIGH TECHNOLOGIES
BEYONG THE SPECIES LIMIT Different peoples have preserved legends
about the past, in which there is interesting information about the achievements of science in the antediluvian civilization. In the field of medicine it is a prolongation of life
beyond the species limit, meaning significant longevity of people of that time, as well as possession of medical technologies of organism rejuvenation. These legends are related to the drinks and food of the immortal gods: ambrosia, soma, amrita in old Indian stories, rejuvenating apples in the stories of peoples of the West, peaches in Chinese sages, for Sumerian these are technologies, which look like cedar cones in the images of that time. They are produced in a special place – cedar forest, where god Enlil set his lifeguard. But if we summarize these mentions of different peoples about the same technology that makes people long-livers, we can understand the following. – There was a laboratory for the production
of this remedy – food for the gods, which situated on the separate mountain island and was thoroughly protected on the order of supreme ruler of gods, lord of the air and the sky. In the myths it is called differently (Garden of the Hesperides, Emhain of the Apples
in the Land of eternal Youth, magic Apple isles, Insula Avallonis, mount Mujavat, etc.) – This island was situated on the edge of the world
near the banks of the river Oceanus. The keepers of golden apples of eternal youth
were several women. For example, in the ancient Greek legend the nymphs
Hesperides, daughters of the titan Atlas. – And the garden itself was guarded by an object that tried to destroy everyone
who came to steal these apples. And this, as a rule, were mortal people –
heroes who performed their exploits or hunted for the secret of immortality or a long life, for example, the ancient Greek Heracles,
the Sumerian Gilgamesh, the ancient Indian king of birds Garuda and others. Among the Hellenes, there was the guard
of the place with the fruits of immortality – the hundred-headed dragon Ladon. Among the Sumerians, in the legend “Gilgamesh
and Mount of the Immortal one”, this was Huwawa – a multi-legged and multi-armed creature,
surrounded by striking magic rays of radiance, the spirit of the tree
on which these wonderful apples grow. In ancient Greek legends, it is mentioned that goddess
Gaea gave this tree to the wife of Zeus – Hera on the day of her wedding. And Gaia herself was the keeper of ancient wisdom,
the oldest pre-Olympic deity, thanks to which the first generation of gods, titans,
other creatures and natural phenomena occurred. However, the ancient Indian legends left a more detailed
technical description of the place where the main secret of the immortality
of the god of air and sky, Indra, was. In the legends, which describe how a bird-hero
stole the amrita of the gods, having assumed a golden similitude,
shining like a sheaf of sunrays, it is said that it penetrated there,
just as a water stream pours into the ocean. Near amrita, there was a wheel with sharp edges,
straight like a razor, which was constantly spinning. That powerful construction, formidable and terrible
in appearance, shining with fiery rays, it was skillfully constructed by the gods
to destroy the soma kidnappers. After overcoming the wheel, it had to conquer two
snakes, that were assigned to guard the amrita, and blazed like flaming fire, horrible by sight, and their tongues were like lightning,
with a mouth flaming with fire, endowed with great power,
they were always angry and mobile. Their burning eyes had venom in them.
They constantly burned with rage and never blinked. And it was enough for one of those snakes only to look
at someone, as he immediately turned into ashes. There was a constant struggle for these apples
of eternal youth and strife between gods; hence the name “apple of discord” arose. Interesting details were preserved in the
German-Scandinavian myths about the goddess
of eternal youth Idunn, who was allowed to collect
these wonderful fruits for the gods. The rejuvenating apples, thanks to which gods
preserved eternal youth, had one characteristic: their effect lasted forty days. And if there was no further consuming
of these wonderful apples, then this loss immediately made gods old,
their eyes blurred, the skin became flabby, the mind weakened and a threat of death
loomed over them. Why did this happen? And the point here is not in the mistakes of science, as prolongation of life beyond the species limit
is possible without consequences. It’s all about the total control by El of his elite.
El carried out such a control every 40 days. Therefore, once in 40 days,
all the gods gathered at a feast, where those who pleased El received this medicine, prolonging life for another 40 days. And if someone decided not to obey El
and became self-righteous, he simply, wherever he was, quickly got old and died. That is why all implicitly obeyed El in order to live. THE MORTAL “IMMORTAL GODS” But were these so-called gods really immortal?
No. For example, in ancient Greek legends, it is said:
the fate controls mortals and gods. Even the fate of Zeus himself is in the hands
of the uncompromising goddesses of fate – moirai, who spin the life thread of a person,
determining the terms of his life. The thread breaks and life ends. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES OF REJUVENATION And what has the elite got into the possession
from the epoch of grandiose scientific discovery in the field of rejuvenation medicine? Just a cosmetic procedure. In the myths, it is mentioned that the gods could
manipulate the beauty and transform at their will other people with the help of certain technical objects
that in the legends are named magic objects. For example, Homer described that the goddess Athena
made Odysseus higher, more beautiful, and curled his hair
with a single touch of her magic wand. Also, Athena transformed Penelope
on the eve of meeting with her husband: she made her taller, whiter and poured on her the
ambrosia ointment that Aphrodite used herself. INTERCONTINENTAL FLIGHTS The myths of the peoples of the world mention
the flights of the gods, kings and their messengers on high-speed means of transportation through the air,
that often look like a bird. So, for example, the king Etana rode the eagle up to
Gods, and then returned to his city to continue the reign. Irida, who delivered the messages
of the Olympic gods and carried out their orders, had iridescent light wings that transferred
her faster than thought, in a blink of an eye,
bringing her to the furthest places. In the Chinese legends, it is mentioned that
the characteristic of the life of immortal people xian, was their constant flights on cranes (xianhe, “crane of
the immortals”), the ability to rush on the clouds, to manipulate the flying dragons. That in their country of immortality they flew from one
mountain to another and wander beyond the Four Seas. In Ancient Mesopotamia, the eagle is indicated
as a symbol of the war deity, the Sumerian Ningirsu (Enlil’s son). In the legends of Ancient India, it is mentioned
that the gods were riding “heavenly chariots”, rapidly overcoming great distances. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
Among information technology, it was mentioned the ability to manipulate, use holographic images
and transmit them at a distance. The gods of Olympus supposedly
could put on different shapes; Zeus himself often took the images of clouds,
rain, bull or eagle, visiting different places. The image of the bull was also taken
by Marduk and Enlil. CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY The construction technology is also mentioned
in the legend of Zethus, the son of Zeus and his twin brother Amphion. During the construction of the walls of the Thebes city,
Zethus carried and piled stones, and Amphion with a mere lyre playing caused them
to move and made them fit the specified place. THE MAGIC OBJECTS There are clear signs of use of various technical objects. Thus, for example, Hermes,
one of the representatives of the elite of Olympus (the son of Zeus and Maia,
one of the daughters of Atlas), who mediated between people and gods, the patron of
magic, trade, heralds, had winged sandals – talarias, giving him the opportunity to go up
and move with great speed. He also had a magic staff – a caduceus,
which made people fall asleep or wake up. It was used to convey the will of the gods
to mortal people, and most often it was done during a dream
when a person was sleeping. Hermes handed out magic objects to the heroes,
he knew the secrets of Hades, covered and accessible only to the initiated ones. WIND CONTROLLING In the ancient Greek legends,
it is mentioned about the lord of the winds Aeolus – the king of the floating island of Aeolia. According to the Odyssey of Homer,
the main character, being a guest of Aeolus, received from him a leather bag as a gift, in which the winds were sewn,
with a strict order not to open it. But when Odysseus continued his journey on the ship,
his companions accidentally opened the bag. The winds, escaping from there,
led the ship astray of its destination track and drove the ship back to the island of Aeolia, where Odysseus was already denied in hospitality. The legend of a leather bag with the imprisoned winds
is also found in other mythologies. A high-speed ship with an autopilot system
is also mentioned in the legends of Odysseus. It is also mentioned that the ships of the same
Odysseus were equipped with communication devices. A piece of Dodonean oak was fixed
on the bow of the ship, thanks to which the ship itself gave prophecy
and opened to the Argonauts the will of Zeus. HOW EL GAVE ALLOTMENTS
TO HIS ADULT CHILDREN The legends about the gods of Olympus, as well as the legends about the gods
of the Sumerian and Akkadian pantheon, and the legends of other peoples of the East have preserved a variety of references
on how El gave allotments – lands on different continents inhabited by peoples,
to his children whom he declared gods. The names of cities, tribes, localities,
mountains, seas, calendar months, and so on came from the names of these gods. For example, in the legends about the gods of Olympus,
it is mentioned that one of the beloved nymphs of Zeus, who bore him Hermes, was called Maia. From the nymph Maia, the name of the month of May
derived. She was offered sacrifices on 1 May. It is curious that up to now May 1 is officially celebrated
as a holiday in many countries, although the names of the holiday itself
and the reasons for this memorable date are different. ENTERTAINMENTS OF CHILDREN-GODS As in the legends of Sumer, and in the legends about
Olympus there were references to how these gods (children of El) had fun, also achieving their selfish,
evil whims, starting with renaming of peoples, sowing discord between people, disputes among themselves
for the territory of prosperous cities and punishing people for any of their choices
in favor of one or another arguing god, forcing people to pray on them. Ending with their orgies and killing people,
which was the usual entertainment of the gods. So, for example, in the Olympic mythology, there is
a legend about the fate of the family of Niobe – the daughter of Tantalus, the wife of the Theban king. Niobe had 7 sons and 7 daughters
with a beauty like gods. Once she did not attend a prayer service
and a sacrificial offering to the goddess of the Olympus – the daughter of the Titans – Leto
and her twin children Apollo and Artemis, as the women of this city used to do,
praying to them as gods. Niobe had the imprudence to boast
of the number of her children compared to Leto. After all, Leto had only two children, moreover,
illegitimate ones from Zeus – Apollo and Artemis, besides she was persecuted for this
by the wife of Zeus – Hera. Leto found out what the wife of the Theban king
had said about her, became angry and complained to her children
residing on Olympus. Apollo and Artemis immediately rushed and killed
with the arrows all the children of Niobe. The whole family died in an instant, and her husband, when he got to know
about the death of children, committed suicide. Because of grief, Niobe turned into a stone
with the pouring source – her tears. Even in the form of a stone, Niobe did not stop feeling
her sadness, mourning her children. That is how the gods amused themselves. It is interesting that nowadays the first day of summer
(translator’s note: in Slavic language group “Leto” means “summer”) is celebrated in many countries as a holiday –
the International Children’s Day. The only question is, in honor of whose children
the holiday on the first day of summer was named? Today many people know the name Leto,
that is, the children’ killer, but not Niobe – the mother
who lost her children and her whole family. GAMES OF GODS
(Entertainments of Zeus) On the Olympus there prevailed envy, rage, anger,
revenge, constant conflicts and quarrels, clarifying relations, who is better,
who has greater influence among the elite of the gods and who is more powerful
and glorious among mortal people. As they say, the fish rots from the head. How did Zeus entertain himself? The legends of the gods of Olympus
mention the following: – Zeus destroys the race of the Atlanteans,
who forgot about the worship of the gods. – Zeus destroyed the human race several times,
trying to create a perfect human. Because his desire was to destroy
the miserable kind of people and “plant” a new one. – Zeus sends curses, which are terribly implemented on
certain heroes and a number of generations of people (legends of Tantalus, Sisyphus, Atreides, Cadmides). – At the dictation of Zeus, Prometheus was chained
to the rock for stealing the spark of the Hephaestus fire to help people, doomed by Zeus for a miserable fate. – In honor of Zeus, the Panhellenic
Olympic Games were held in Olympia. TROJAN WAR – ZEUS DISPOSES OF HEROES One of the central topics of Homer’s ILIAD
is the Trojan War. The ancient writers explain the origin of the Trojan War
as the WILL OF ZEUS, WHO WISHED TO “REDUCE THE EARTH’S BURDEN”. Zeus did not only contribute to the emergence
of the Trojan War, but the war itself was also a consequence of the
decision of Zeus to punish people for their wickedness. It began with pride and strife. The events that led to the long war
were developing by the will of Zeus. And the games of the gods started;
chess games began to be played out. If you carefully follow the history of various wars of
humanity, ranging from Sumerians to this day, you can see that the most difficult wars in human history
were played out identically. Large troops were gathered from the warring parties. The Achaean army included the noblest heroes: Odysseus, Achilles, both Ajaxes, Diomedes, and many others. Agamemnon, as the most powerful of the Achaean
kings was elected as the leader of the whole army. He was fabulously wealthy and had
an outstanding position among the Hellenic kings. The Achaean fleet, that was assembled in the harbor,
contained over a thousand ships. Before the decisive battles,
a plague disease was sent upon the troops. After long wars and the conquest of Troy, not only the
population of that area and its defenders were killed, but the victorious heroes were also destroyed. The quarrels immediately arose
in the camp of the Achaeans. By the will of the gods, a lot of ships, being deceived by
the false signal of Nauplius, perished with the waves and wind during a terrible storm,
while others split upon the coastal rocks. Even the survived Agamemnon, the commander of the
troops, who got wealth, loot from the war, was immediately killed on his return home, as a victim of
the conspiracy of his wife Clytemnestra and Aegisthus. The circle of Zeus knew in advance of the heroes
who were destined to die in this war, that is, their fate was predetermined. A bright example is Achilles,
who later was a role model for Alexander of Macedon. “Achilles’ heel”. The sea goddess Thetis, knowing that her son Achilles (and he was the youngest of the generation of heroes,
the future participants of the Trojan War) was destined to die, tried to hide him. However, this consequently did not save the hero,
who was considered to be invulnerable. He was found, returned to the Trojan War and killed. He died from Paris’s two arrows,
guided by the hand of Apollo. The expression “Achilles’ heel” for the elite – was a reference that it is enough to hit the hero
into a vulnerable spot to kill him. While for mere mortals, Achilles way of life was laid as a behavior model for new generations of mortal heroes, where the hero should have known that he was destined to live a short life, and he had to strive to live it so that the glory of his unequalled bravery would last among descendants for centuries. HERO The etymology of the ancient Hellenic word HERO is interesting. By the word “hero” the ancient Greeks originally called the SPIRIT of the DEAD, WHO INFLUENCES THE LIVING ONES (that is, a subpersonality). Heroes were the souls of outstanding ancestors, leaders. Then the concept expanded, and some people born from the union of the gods with mortals began to be categorized as heroes. In the poems such as the Iliad, heroes were considered the benefactors to the people, fighters of monsters, giants and robbers. But there was one thing: the main heroes were often doomed to death by the will of the gods or committed suicide. And as a rule in honor of the day of their death, general sports games were held with the torch lit, and this led to the tradition of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece. The same story can be traced in the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh, where the gods decide on the death of the hero, refusing him immortality. They report through their messengers that he will have a remarkable after-death fate, and the monument will be raised to him. In addition, sporting competitions in his honor will be held near his statue every summer during the month of Nenegar. The gods reminded Gilgamesh that no one promised him eternal life and advised him to accept his destiny and quickly go to his ancestors. The cult of the deceased hero is intentionally cultivated. The life of one hero was not enough to embody all the predestination of the elite of gods. Therefore the idea of the suffering of a heroic personality and endless overcoming of trials and difficulties is strengthened in myths. The hero often experiences a painful death
(the self-immolation of Heracles), dies by the hand of the deceitful villain (Theseus), by the will of the hostile deity (Orpheus, Hippolytus). As a result, Heracles stays on the Olympus, while his shadow wanders into Hades. At that, the hero’s exploits and sufferings are considered as a kind of trial, the reward for which comes after death. The priests were looking for a formula by which people will live all their lives in expectation of immortality, not working spiritually on themselves, but spending their lives strengthening the power of priests and leaders. That’s where the substitutions came from, that a human can meet God only after death, and not unite with him during life by working spiritually on himself. That is a false hope, promises from the system until later… Millennia passed, and the same game was being imposed on the human society, all the same division into gods, heroes, and savages, as the Sumerians had. Unless these concepts were increasingly embedded into the minds of new generations as the only form of human existence, where his freedom and the goal of life is supposedly contained. But in fact, there was an enslavement of humankind by the system and the concentration of attention on the dictates of consciousness. The etymology of the ancient Greek word TRAGEDY In the ancient Greek language, the word tragos meant “goat”, ode – “song”. Thus, the word tragodia literally meant “song of goats”. As it is known, tragedy as a theatrical entertainment for the elite public was born in ancient Greece – Ellada. The most ancient theatrical productions were inextricably connected with the cult of the Hellenic god of fertility, the son of Zeus and Demeter – Dionysus
(or his other name – Bacchus); where the word “bacchanalia” came from as unrestrained self-will, a wild feast, an orgy; a festival in honor of Bacchus, the god of wine and merriment. First, various legends about Dionysus were set forth in the form of a dialogue between the chorus and its leader, the coryphaeus. The chorus usually consisted of satyr – goat hoofed companions of Dionysus. Actors, imitating the satyr, these half-human half-goats, were dressed in goatskins. A singing chorus of goat hoofed satyrs
was called tragodia. And it happened ever since that time: for people, it is a tragedy, and for the elite, it’s merely a song of goats. That is the uncontrolled revelry of the Animal mind system in a human society, where a person’s attention is concentrated solely on the human Animal nature: fear, hatred, anger, conflicts. The system is always insatiable. What does dictate of consciousness demands, when it autocratically rules the Personality? Bread and circuses. For the system that is always hungry, the bread is a human life – bloody massacres, and the circuses are the concentration of people’s attention on these events, the stimulation of the Animal nature in a human, and, consequently, it is the system feed. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main entertainment of El and his elite were concentrated on wars and conflicts, especially when they had a sole possession of unsurpassed weapons. CLIMATE WEAPONS AEGIOCHOS is one of the epithets of Zeus, literally meaning “the bearer of the aegis”, a shield-bearer. AEGIS is the shield of Zeus. Aegis or egis in translation from ancient Greek means “storm, whirlwind.” It was believed that Zeus raised severe storms with a help of this shield. The modern expression “under the aegis” means being under the protection, patronage of a person or acting within the framework of an institution, organization or enterprise. For example, act under the aegis of the United Nations and so on. It is mentioned that Zeus, ruling on Mount Olympus, commands nature and rules the fate of people. He creates thunder, and collecting clouds, he causes storms with a single shake of his aegis. He is the sender of winds, rains, and downpours. Zeus possesses this weapon not right away. At the beginning of his formation and struggle for power, his brothers and sisters were forced to give thunder and lightning in the possession of Zeus. It was believed that with the help of the aegis, horror-stricken shield, Zeus raised severe storms. Throwing lightning with the right hand, with his left hand Zeus shakes the aegis, that is hung with 100 tassels. The aegis carried at its center the head of
Medusa the Gorgon. Shaking the aegis, Zeus creates peals of thunder,
that frightened the gods and mortals. Aegis belonged not only to Zeus, it could be carried by Athena and, in exceptional cases, by Apollo. The fact that destructive storms and winds
were the area of activity of various gods, who destroyed their enemies and hated cities, is also mentioned in the Sumerian and Akkadian epic. According to the legend, Zeus owned winds. He enclosed the winds behind the steep cliffs of the floating island of Aeolia, surrounded by a copper wall. Zeus entrusted Aeolus,
the king of this island, to look after them. It was mentioned that if one gives a total
freedom to these winds, they will raise the earth and the sea in the air. The duty of Aeolus was to release winds one by one according to the gods’ or his own desires. When a storm was needed, Aeolus threw a spear into the rock and the wind began to blow from the formed hole until Aeolus closed it. He was so diligent before the Olympic gods that according to the opinion of Zeus wife Hera, he even deserved an invitation
to attend the feasts of the gods. ATTRIBUTES OF ZEUS – aegis, scepter, hammer. Zeus is the establisher of every order and law on earth, the gods and mortals are in awe of him. By brute force, suppressing resistance and punishing, Zeus establishes his principles with the help of force. One of the weapons of Zeus is also the thunderbolt,
that throws out lightning. The image of the weapons of the gods can be found not only on the artifacts of Ancient Greece but also Sumer, Ancient India and other peoples. Ancient Greek legends say that cyclopes forged the thunder, lightning and thunderbolt for Zeus to fight against the Titans. Zeus puts into action the thunderbolt, thunder and lightning in battles, so that Hades itself trembles, and the giant earth moans sorrowfully. When the Olympians and the Titans throw rocks and mountains at each other, the heat from Zeus’s lightning scorches the world, a whirlwind of flame rises,
the earth, the ocean and the sea boils. The heat covers the earth and chaos, the sun is closed by a cloud of rocks and cliffs which the enemies hurl, the sea is roaring, the earth trembles with the tramping of giants, and their wild cries reaches the starry sky. Is not these descriptions are familiar to you as the consequences of the atomic bomb bursts? NUCLEAR WARS OF ANTIQUITY The hidden history Have you ever wondered where, in the literature of antiquity, the notion that war is connected
with the will of the gods came from? Where did such a ritual originate in a human society, at which the tribe or the people,
before going on a military campaign, should make a sacrifice to one of their divine patrons with a request to protect and grant them victory? Why was there a certainty that this patron deity
would take a personal part in the battles, supporting them with the weapons of the gods? And, finally, whence did the peoples,
who knew only spears, bow and arrows, were aware of the ancient events characterizing the conduct of nuclear and thermonuclear wars? As of today, a lot of inconvenient
facts have been accumulated, contradicting the official version of world history, and indicating that the world has already plunged into the abyss of a world nuclear war and this resulted in a global catastrophe, extremely disastrous for the whole humanity of that time. Nuclear wars have already took place in the distant past and left a lot of geological evidences of large-scale military conflicts of antiquity. These are the presence of a variety of craters, the high content of radioactive isotopes, the presence of radioactive zones, the existence of huge leakage fields of tektites on different continents, some of which have a period of 12,000 years ago, as well as a number of differences
from tektites of natural origin or the ones that were formed as a result of meteorites.Tektites are pieces of natural glass, melted with a sharp, significant increase in temperature and rapid cooling. Today, a similar picture
can be observed at nuclear test sites. It is known that tektite fields appeared in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the explosion of nuclear bombs in 1945. Such ancient epicenters, the consequences of atomic explosions of destructive power, are found in different parts of the globe, which indicates a large-scale military conflict with the use of not only nuclear but also a type of currently unknown weapon. The legends of different people also bear evidence of the great war of the gods with the use of all-destroying weapons. One of such vivid examples is
the ancient Indian epic “Mahabharata”, which describes the war and its consequences after the use of unusual all-destructing weapons. INTERESTING FACTS Fact 1. It is interesting that the first edition
of the epic poem “Mahabharata”, narrating about the great war and discords, was carried out in the same… 7th century BC, rich in events of El supporters. And the history repeats itself: just as in the story with the mysterious Homer, the text processing is attributed to one author – the legendary mysterious sage who edits the famous ancient Indian epic “Mahabharata”, as well as the Vedas, Puranas, and other Indian philosophical texts. He is called sage Vyasa, whose name in Sanskrit means “division”, “separation”, “distraction”, “dispersion”. He is also called Shashvata, that is, “immortal”, “eternal”. Fact 2. In the epic poem “Mahabharata” according to the plan of the gods, with the hands of some people, the others should be exterminated, besides their relatives. One of the main negative characters is Karna, whose image, in the glow of tragedy, draws closer to the image of the hero Achilles from the epic poem of Homer’s Iliad. Just like Achilles, Karna died. Moreover, the legend pays more space to the description of Karna’s death, than to anyone else’s, including the divine Krishna. Fact 3. The “Mahabharata” states that these events (war with the use of the weapons
of the gods and the following cataclysms) occurred at the turn of the epochs of dvapara-yuga (where people had the opportunity
to live for 1000 years) and the era of Kali-yuga. MEGALITHS So, was there a civilization in ancient times
with high technologies which exceeded in their perfection
the discoveries of modern science? Certainly. More information on the science of antiquity
can be found in the “Primordial AllatRa Physics” report. As of today, there are a lot of artifacts,
ranging from the remnants of ancient knowledge to the megalithic structures,
ideally preserved for millennia. It is enough for any skeptic to pay attention
to the same science of the Ancient East and wonder where from the ancients knew
the exact sizes ​in geometry, mathematics, and physics. But, perhaps, the most obvious evidence
is the megalithic cities located in different parts of the world, the technologies of their construction,
which modern humankind cannot reproduce until now. Monoliths, menhirs, pyramids, cities, temples, palaces, airports and other ancient buildings, that were found in different parts of the world, amaze
with their scale, stability, the perfection of structures. Almost all the buildings of antiquity
were made of large and heavy stones – megaliths, weighing several dozens,
and sometimes hundreds of tons. Sometimes in the building cladding
and in the form of separate monoliths, there are also more heavy stone blocks – trilithons, which weight is more than a thousand tons. Engineers of the distant past had the knowledge how to
make a solid construction of stones with a huge weight. How to lift large stone blocks, to set them
at a high altitude and fasten together without a grout. They knew how to make a polygonal laying. How to make high-quality alligation
for strong metal strainers. And today you can see that the slices on the stones
are made with mechanisms with a pinpoint accuracy, which gave the effect of a tight fit of the stones, between the gaps of which
it is impossible to insert even a razor blade. Masters of the past left lots of marks
that indicate the using of high-tech equipment: super-power circular slabs, grinding machines,
drills (possibly ultrasonic), cutters and many other devices
that the current civilization is not yet aware of. The left marks impress with their flatness,
ultra-thinness and accuracy, largeness, and high quality of devices themselves,
which are able to easily deal with stone workpieces of high quality and hard rocks. Megaliths were made at a high level not only technically,
but also their location, the form of structures, the images left on the stones were based
on the knowledge of astronomy, geography, advanced mathematics, and other exact sciences. But what are all these high technologies and grand
buildings worth when a society loses its spirituality? “There is nothing more terrible than EVIL
on the throne when his wife becomes a POWER
in the captivity of ELcentrism. And everything is imbued with it: starting with the
programs of the education system of new generations that is adopted in civilized countries, and which impose a study of history and literature within the certain limits. And ending with the implantation of names
from the literary heritage of the servants of El, as the names of various communities, global projects,
firms, businesses, household items, and so on. Have you ever wondered why there
are many people today who do not believe in God, mistakenly believing that this is an old man
with a beard sitting on the throne, but at the same time they understand
that there is something supreme after all, but…
in the form of the Universal Mind, the system? As a result, believers have questions: since God is
so loving, why does He allow wars and strife? Where there are so many people who are proud
of atheism and who consider the history of wars more important than spiritual knowledge?
Where does it come from that the world economy is much more important than human freedoms,
that material values ​​prevail over human life? People do not notice
who has long reigned in their heads. They use words without understanding
their true meaning. Even the personal names of many people are not
the original names of the nations to which they belong, but these are names that have an ancient Greek
or Hebrew etymology of origin. The question is, why is it like this, and not otherwise? Do you think this does not concern you,
and you are not involved in this game of the system? Look carefully,
what kind of information are you surrounded with and what are the comparisons,
and the images in your thoughts? What do the today’s rhapsodies of servants of El
want you to dream of? What do you subconsciously choose every day? Today, the word elite is embedded into the minds of
consumers as something qualitatively higher, to which a person should supposedly strive for,
what he can achieve in this world with a help of his trickiness, entrepreneurship,
the maximum application of the power of attention. Elite cars, elite houses, elite goods,
business elite, sports elite, art elite, the political elite, military elite, ideological elite. But what is the elite
in the original understanding of this word? ELITE IS THE SERVANTS … OF THE DEVIL’S SLAVE –
EL. But what is the price of such chosenness? Whom does it beget in the consumer society? Is the literature, which is now introduced into the ranks of masterpieces of world classics, so harmless? Remains of knowledge about the Atlanteans are kept
in the esoteric religious traditions of different peoples. The priests were their keepers. Many occult organizations
appealed to the knowledge of the Atlanteans. Theosophical and anthroposophical societies
tried to reconstruct the legacy of Atlantis. The emphasis was on the chosen race of people
or the domination of one nation, which allegedly originates from the gods of Atlantis,
over others. This idea of ​​separation between lords and slaves
was used by dictators at different times. In the cultural tradition of modern times,
Atlantis has become one of the symbols of the triumph of the intellect, the vehicle of ideas for the
formation of the social ideals of the consumer society. Alexander of Macedon, who was convinced of
the idea of monocracy establishment, that is, of a single domination over the world, is far
from the only example of influence on people’s choice, under the influence of such literature
in the interpretation of the servants of El. Another bright example is
Reichsführer of SS Heinrich Himmler who at his time was also firmly convinced not only
of the existence of Atlantis and further resettlement of Atlanteans, but also that the descendants of the
Atlanteans have remained in their best only in Germany. In 1945, the allies found in his library pretty
worn out books about the Atlanteans civilization, including the “Glacial Cosmogony of Hörbiger”
about the super-race of people, the “race of lords”, which acquainted the Greeks, Egyptians and others
with the civilization. Who benefits from this and what for? Do you think it happened by chance that
in the culturological tradition of modern times, Atlantis is the symbol of the triumph of the intellect? How many films have been devoted to it,
literature, articles, how much attention and effort has been spent
and involved in search of it? But what is this all for? Have you ever wondered why in your mind,
in addition to your desire, there is actively being formed
a deliberately positive image of Atlantis? They continue to search Atlantis until now. But it’s interesting where the attention
of new generations is being directed? To the search for answers to the question where it was
and what happened with it. But no more… What did the modern human
accidentally hear about Atlantis? That a tragedy happened with Atlantis, that there lived
highly spiritual and highly educated people, a “race of lords”. What is the expected result? The program, placed by El –
the desire for world domination. It is quite obvious the global interest of certain
individuals who are planning for centuries ahead. The establishment of a new world order in human society, the El’s return to the throne. But there is an ancient expression: every power excites vices, absolute power generates a dragon. The information is scattered and without the key,
a person does not have a global understanding, believing in something that is feeding his pride, thereby getting into the system which manipulates him
from outside. And there are millions of such as he. Servants of El only order PR in the media,
but all this propaganda and realization of the ideas of world domination is being done by the hands
of misunderstanding people deprived of their history. By their lives, the elite – the descendants of El –
are laying their way into the future, which they faithfully believe in the hope of
renewing their former power. But what motivates servants of El to do all these things
today, if this is just a story? The answer is simple:
the promise of the “ninth day” by the system. They believe that in future built by them, when El again
comes to power, they will revive in material bodies in Elysium, because in their secret orders, under
the great secret, accessible only to the initiated, there are legends that all this is absolutely real,
has scientific justifications and a similar resurrection in bodies
was held in the days of El. In fact, this is a lie. Because at El times experiments were conducted,
but only with regard to the transfer of part of the human consciousness and the creation of
the body from the DNA of the deceased, 40 days after his death. But the deception consisted in the fact
that the Personality of the human, the one who the human is and feels himself during life,
became subpersonality in fact, and people were shown a copy – just a clone of a human,
but not the human himself. Everything is false in the system. Who knows the past understands the present and can foresee the future.
(Sumerian cuneiform tablet) But what is in the end? The system creates its own foci and uses people
who live in illusions of obsessive thoughts, not knowing that they are manipulated by the system,
and how this game of “material immortality” will end first of all for them. Their dream of immortality in the material body is
the dream of the system about the “ninth day”, which will remain as an empty illusion
because the system itself is finite and mortal. Its instantaneous existence with billions of years
is nothing for the world of eternity, the Spiritual World. As Igor Mikhailovich Danilov said:
“The system is designed in such a way that all the discoveries that you receive,
your mind erases and all the understandings very quickly disappear,
driving you into the stall of ordinary life. And only the fog remains
from your freedom and understanding. And in order that the system does not deprive you
of understanding and newfound freedom, you must work very hard,
and not give demons in your head, those whom you perceive as your own thoughts
and desires, power over you as a Personality. Only in this way you can find true life and real freedom!” THE ONE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH
CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE The future of entire humankind
depends on your personal choice Modern humankind has a CHANCE.
Everything depends on YOUR CHOICE. WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?


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  1. ЮЛИЯ Владимировна

    September 21, 2019 5:38 pm

    This film opens the eyes to many things, gives answers to the questions that you didn't realize before. Such a great research is made. I can't put in words my gratitude for that.

  2. Алина Митас

    September 21, 2019 5:52 pm

    Ура!!!! Буквально вчера думала, как бы хорошо фильм Атландида на английском иметь)))

  3. Antowka Anapreychik

    September 21, 2019 8:07 pm

    Thank you very much! So important information, all elite' secrets in this film.
    Atlatis had chosen consumer way, but what we'd choose? Before this film I read a lot about Atlantis and could not understand why civilization died. Information about spiritual world is inspiring❤️

  4. Anna Rybakova

    September 22, 2019 1:19 am

    Wow, super. Thank you so much for a job that you do for making this great movie available in english. The information about Atlantis is so important nowadays, we have to know the truth.

  5. Genivieve Sara

    September 22, 2019 11:49 am

    IAM so grateful for this organization and it’s work. I (like many) have been searching and learning for years to find the answer. I KNEW there had to be more to life than suffering and survival. I could not accept the horrors before mine eyes as what was meant to be. Many answers have come to me, however, this vid puts it together with the truth given easily. That is, opposed to hints, partial truth or “code” to be figured out at some future ‘time’ as many others have done out of fear. Thank You for sharing your courage, I too will share this vital information in courage. Like a ball of knowledge, I present it in my hand for another to pick it up. The choice is to pick it up and take it in, or leave it. Which is ok, I will not push for it may fall on deaf ears and cause separation. If accepted, I am happy to share what I have learned and will offer the answers by way of Allatra. It’s a gift that must be accepted, one must be open to the truth in order to receive it. I accept, in gratitude!

  6. Suna RA

    September 22, 2019 5:24 pm

    'Atlantis. The Elite in Search of Immortality' is indeed a unique video! It opens our eyes on history, our true past, as well as on today's life! Lots of thanks, AllatRa TV!

  7. Julia Fedorova

    September 22, 2019 6:59 pm

    Great video! 👏🏼Thank you Allatra TV! Now we can know the truth about that civilization and to avoid their mistake 👆🏻

  8. OtreboR

    September 22, 2019 11:55 pm

    amazing film, so grateful to have the opportunity to receive this priceless information, that with pleasure, I share with all my friends, thanks again for your knowledge to share with us.

  9. Kateryna Kolomoiets

    September 23, 2019 7:40 am

    Thank you so much for your work! It is a great opportunity to take a look at the real history and what had happened with that civilization. Frankly speaking, it is rather shocking because our civilization is on the same wrong way right now.

  10. Olga Schmidt

    September 25, 2019 12:59 pm

    An eye opening film, shows the mistakes made by other civilizations. History tends to repeat itself and thanks to this movie it is possible to change the consumer format of society we live in today to a creative one. Thank you for such expensive work in making of this film.


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