Are There Subliminal Messages In POP Songs?


*snap* Heeeeyyyy, I’m Steve-T. And today we’re gonna be looking at some popular songs that are accused of having subliminal messages in them when you play them backwards (dun dun dun!) And I’ve already done a couple videos like this (how original) But I had SO much fun testing songs out that I just had to do another one So why don’t we start with some 1998 era Britney Spears *beautiful picture wow* Back then she was so young so innocent *more pictures of Britany* OR SO WE THOUGHT!? (my god why Britany whyyyyyyy) Because she has been accused of having some *pause* Promiscuous subliminal messages in her song “Hit me Baby One More Time” ♪♪♪ wierd flex but ok And apparently, if you play that part backwards You get this Subliminal Message: *UUUHHHH WHAAAAAATTT???* ‘kay, one more time, one more time… SLEEEPP WITH MEEE, IM NOOT TOO YOUNG BRITNEY SPEARS! :O You wanna be ASHAMED of yourself!? (wth was that voice) *Exhales* “Sleep with me, I’m not too young”!? (o m g) *Sensual Picture of Britney Spears* Steve-Kun… Nyaaaa~~ sLeEp wiTH mE I’ma not YoooOOOOOng! That’s dis… GUSTING!!!! Then again, this song is called: “Hit me Baby One More Time” I mean, What’s that supposed to mean!? ._. But let’s do the VOCAL TEST, and we will definitely find out if she did it on purpose! Because what I’m gonna do here I’m gonna record myself saying these words, nice and clearly Without any music And then, we’re gonna play THAT backwards And let’s see what it sounds like… Let me show you Sleep with me… I’m not too… YUUUUuuunnggg!!! (calm down. jeez) So NOW, I’m going to reverse this clip… Ngya… *Clip Reverses* And when I play this clip backwards We should get the original lyrics And if we don’t clearly get those lyrics Then we can safely assume that Britney Spears Did not intentionally say this message So let’s hear it… *Wtf is this gibberish?? :P* XD ~Is that Chinese???~ I don’t know what language that is? *me niether* But it’s definitely Asian… (u racist boi jk im not THAT mean…) *Another round of absolute gibberish, anyone??* The only part I heard there was Lose my MAAAYYynnnDDD! I LOSE MY MIIIIND *picture of potato with lipstick* But other than that, this is complete gibberish So, did Britney Spears intentionally hide promiscuous subliminal messages in her song? Na-uh *Diet Pepsi Belch* hi children if ur reading this y r u like srsly these CC hav no intention besides makin da fanz laugh i’m so confused also if ur reading this sub to pewdiepie bc T series must DIE so yeh u can keep watchin the vid… it gets crazir than this ik its hard to believe but oh well NOPE!!! woh Alright, so next up we have the Jonas Brothers And y’know… There’s something not quite right about this “lil’ bros…” Oh that’s right… (what) They’re secretly…(tell me!) Satanic (well then thats great!) Dun. Dun… DUUUUUUUuuuuuuunnnnNn! Or so they’re being accused of in their song Kids of the Future ♪♪♪ And they say when you play that part backwards You get this Satanic Subliminal Message I speak 4 satan… saTaN… SATAN JONAS BROTHERS!? That’s Freakin’ Creepy!>:O my god as a catholic i BAN u from my minecraft servr I don’t know… they’re might be some truth to this one Let’s give this one a vocal test too… Mi, mi, miii…. *Some background gibberish sounds* I forgot to mute that… ;-; Mi, Mi, mii… I speak for SatAn SatAn SaTAn Reverse! And Review… *Unintelligible Gibberish* Ahaha… …iiM, im, iM *Another unintelligible gibberish* It sounds like I’m saying “Discus” or “Niscus” Ndiscus! Ndiscus! Niskiss! Do you guys want to go out and play some Ndiscus? *Loud gibberish* That doesn’t say “of the future” at all… *Scoffs* So did the Jonas Brothers intentionally hide satanic messages in their song? Na-uh… Maybe some subliminal messages about discus But that’s about it… *scoffs* Ndiscus! NOPE! Nothing like a good Cup of Joe *loud sipping* And by “Joe” I mean flavored water… πŸ˜‰ Lalalala… lalalalala…. elalalala… laluh.. elala.. Ngela… Good stuff, good stuff… So next up, we have the King of Pop Michael Jackson Some people say that in his song: Beat It Apparently, Michael Jackson has something against Superman (well i mean im a marvel fan and i dont really like Superman either soooooo…) ♪♪♪ And now if you play this clip backwards We apparently, get some choice words about a certain superhero “Superman is a diCC!” *Laughter* “Superman is a diCC!” MICHAEL JACKSON!? What do you have against Superman!? (everything.. :3) Scoff counter: 2 And he sounds pretty angry about that, too “Superman is a diCC!” SUPERMAN IS A DICckk! So let’s give it a vocal test and see if in fact Michael Jackson does think Superman is a DicC Superman is a DICC! ‘kay so let’s reverse this and see if it sounds like I’m saying “It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right” *Closely accurate lyrics* *Laughter* That actually sounded kinda good up until the end where it just kinda drops off “It doesn’t mama moose!?” IT DOESN’T MATTER WHOS Like, where’s the end!? “It doesn’t mama moose”??? Okay, well I actually kinda sounds more like you’re saying IT DOESN’T MAMA MOOSE! “Mama Moose” MAMA MOOSE! “Mama Moose” MAMA MOOSE! Interesting how this one doesn’t sound too far off, though So maybe it is in fact plausible That Michael Jackson thought Superman Is a Dicc And put that subliminal message in his song [Plausible] Nah, nah, nah Don’t think that we’re done with the King of Pop just yet… PWO-HOOO! No siree!! Because HE’S also been accused of having Satanic subliminal message IN THE SAME SONG!! With this line, right here… ♪♪♪ Now they say, if you play that backwards You get this Satanic Message *I believe it was satan in meee* I gotta hear that one again… *I believe it was satan in meee* *gibberish sayings* That’s all I heard That doesn’t sound right at all… I’m SUPER skeptical for this one But let’s give ’em a vocal test Just for the fun of it… “I believe it was Satan in me” REVERSE! Let’s see if we get the original lyric *Unintelligible gibberish* “HUH!!???” * Another unintelligible gibberish* “IDK about this one” NO! No Freaking Wa- COME ON! Michael Jackson with Satanic Messages??? EEEEeerrrrggghhhh!!! I’m not Satanic… You’re being ignorant You’re being ignorant You’re being…- huhuhuhuh HU… HUU!!! Not Satanic… AH! I’m not Satanic… AH! SHIMONAH! ALRIGHT THEN! Moving On… NOPE! Now next up, we have… *Regretting saying the “J-word”* Y’know, I promise myself I would never reference him By name and a video But we got… ugh… Justin Bieber (Oh dear no) The Beebzy Weebzy But apparently, young Bieber is more like: “Beelzebeiber” (Rlly :0) Because in his song: Baby He’s accused of having… SUPER Satanic Backwards messages In this lyrics right here… ~MY EARS!!!~ ~LALALALALALA!!! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!~ And if you play that part backwards, You get THIS Satanic Message Apparently… my friggin god “Yeah, war. Let me in.” ??? How is this a Subliminal Message? I guess we’ll give it a Vocal Test j-j-j just to see if there’s any truth to this… *Stevie T singing* War, Let me in, let me in, Let me in,Yeah war, Let me in, let me in,Let me in Do you think we get the original lyrics When we reverse it? Let’s find out… *Slight accurate lyrics* *Light laugh* *Unintelligible mumbling* *Laughing* Wh-hu-what? *Unintelligible mumbling* *Laughing* ‘kay, that doesn’t sound like Baby, at all Sounds more like LABY! LABY! LABY! LABY! LABY! LABY! As much as we wanted this to be true J. Beebz Does not have Satanic Subliminal Message ??? NOPE! I hope you guys had as much fun as I had… I love testing this out and seeing what Wacky things come out of it… Now, I gotta ask you… What do you think about this Subliminal Messages? I think we could pretty much safely say that none of these were intentional these subliminal messages I-I-I mean it’s probably way more likely that someone just had WAY too much time in their hands And they’re just hearing things and put a meanings to things that don’t have any meaning But do you think there’s any truth to any of these Subliminal Messages? Comment it below and let me know (rhymin Steve) And if there’s another song that has Subliminal Messaging ALSO let me know ‘cuz I would love to do another one of these… *Stutters* I-i-It’s so much fun… And if you’re not subscribed to me yet Please do click subscribe And make sure that Notification Bell *Imitating bell noises* Is turned on, as well And in the meantime, check out one of my other subliminal message videos (wow so many) I think you find those a lot of fun as well… (hell yeah we will!) So, thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys, later πŸ™‚ ~creepy but true~ (MIS) Heard subtitles by: Peter James Villegas + someone else who edited it who’d prefer not to give their name bc of privacy reasons… oof


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  1. AsoCan Aso

    December 13, 2019 6:34 pm

    If you clicked "



  2. Dante Whitford

    December 14, 2019 1:15 am

    When I played the Micheal Jackson Backwards with my voice it just played "Superman is a" and that's all it played.

  3. Ramadan Pratama

    December 16, 2019 5:21 am

    i like your video steve, react this pls stevie T —> the title of song in english is "LOVE TO PARENTS".
    guys, try t watch it. that guy from indonesia.
    sorry for bad english.

  4. Nintendo-Catsクロエ

    December 16, 2019 8:38 pm

    Miachel Jackson could have been trying to leave the message : β€œSuperman is a d*ck” β€œI believe it was satan in me”

  5. Susan Boyce

    December 17, 2019 4:45 am

    Your so funny 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣😘😘

  6. Mega Man

    December 22, 2019 6:45 am

    I made up a new test!
    The guessing test
    This test help you difine how "realistic" the sound is from 0 to 10 with just guessing what the reverse lyric is without reading it first
    Here are my results:
    1: 8/10 What i heard: Sweep with me im not too young
    2: 6/10 What i heard:I sleep for Slay him,Slay him
    3: 10/10 What i heard:Superman is a dick
    4: 0/10 What i heard: *giberish*
    5: 4.5/10 What i heard: Yeah i need the water What,What Let him in let him in
    Here is the graph thingy
    0-2=Not hearable/decypherable
    2-4=20% of the lyric is hearable
    4-6=40% of the lyric is hearable
    6-8= Very accurate and understandable.80% of the lyric is hearable
    8-10=Completely understandable

  7. NL GD En Roblox

    December 22, 2019 10:01 am

    The creepiest thing is that the when the message of the kids of future is that the cheering is not reversed


    December 22, 2019 1:08 pm

    Me :
    thought this video contains all the good girls go to hell
    Also me :
    sees 1 year ago
    Me again :
    Oh. Wait a minute.

  9. BryanXKenshin samuri

    December 23, 2019 2:07 pm

    This guy made me believe he hates Michael Jackson and love Justin beiber he said it said laby instead of baby πŸ€”πŸ™β€β™‚οΈ

  10. Midwest Sirens

    December 23, 2019 2:11 pm

    You have to reverse the whole song not just vocals because I reversed some of these songs and they actually work and are the real song backwards

  11. sandytsc1216

    December 24, 2019 12:38 am

    ζˆΆζˆΆδΉŽεœ¬ζ˜“θ€ƒζ—Ίε± εƒζ˜¨εͺζ˜¨η™½εœ¬ζœ«ε± ε ΄ζœ½ζ˜“ζœͺε ΅ε°Έ

  12. LeGenDary BLAZER

    December 25, 2019 1:52 am

    Maybe just a coincidence
    It doesnt matter if you try it backwards
    It will really not sound like that
    Cuz every word you reverse it doesnt make another word

  13. Cyler Sala

    December 25, 2019 5:38 am

    A better test would be too take actual audio files of the music and reverse that yourself. Fun vid though.

  14. Abraham Lovegrove

    December 26, 2019 2:54 pm

    StevieT: I don't know what language that is, but its definetly Asian.
    Me: I don't know what kind of person he is, but he's definetly racist.

  15. Sarah Walsh

    December 27, 2019 3:12 pm

    How dare they accuse Michael Jackson of that stuff
    Btw super girl is better than super man anyways(I think so anyways so dont say hes better than her)
    Michael is not satanic either


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