Ang Tamang Daan | The Turning Away from the True Faith of the Catholic Church

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A joyous greeting to all viewers of this program of the Church Of Christ, ANG TAMANG DAAN. I am Brother MICHAEL SANDOVAL, here in our studio at the Central Office of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in Quezon City, Philippines. At this moment, we will again have with us Brother Joe Ventilacion from our studio in San Francisco, California, USA. Good evening to you there Brother Joe, from here in the Philippines and good morning there to our televiewers in America and Canada. Good evening from here to you there, Brother Michael. I’m very honored to join you once again in this program. To our beloved viewers, welcome back to this program, ANG TAMANG DAAN. We will discuss in this program the misconception of Catholic Defenders on the apostasy of the Church established by our Lord Jesus Christ in the first century. Although they may be using the Bible, their understanding of the words of God is wrong. One of the truths that we have learned from the Holy Scriptures is the fulfillment of the apostasy of the Church Of Christ in the first century. A person by the name of Mr. Marwill Llasos, a Catholic defender in the Philippines is one of those who do not understand how the first-century Church Of Christ turned away or was apostatized. According to him, the faith that we—Church Of Christ members—uphold is not true. According to him, what kind of faith do the members of the Church Of Christ have because of our stand that there is indeed a total apostasy or full turning away (from the true faith) that happened. We will not accuse, what we are about to watch is the pronouncement of Att. Llasos: Let’s watch this: The topic we will study is about what some religious groups are saying. Like The Mormons … (the) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They are the… they are the ones who preach of TOTAL APOSTASY. Meaning, the TURNING AWAY OF THE CHURCH … And this belief is upheld by the FALSE FAITH OF THE IGLESIA NI CRISTO. Brother Joe, is the reason for our stand that there was an apostasy that happened in the Church, is because the Mormons preached about this? No, Brother Michael, that is not our basis. We preach and believe that Apostasy took place because this is proven not only by the Bible or the Holy Scriptures but is also proven by many history books as well. So, is our belief that there was total apostasy or full turning away of the first century Church a false belief? No, Brother Michael. on the contrary, the defenders of the Catholic Church are the ones who have false faith concerning this. Thus, do you know brother Joe and our televiewers – How were we maligned by the defender of the Catholic Church, Atty. Llasos, for our stand that the first-century Church Of Christ fully turned away from the faith? Let us listen to how Atty. Llasos maligned us… What they said, ‘Yes, the Lord Jesus established is Church, but that church apostatized, vanished, disappeared, however, reemerged in the Philippines in 1914, through the preaching of Brother Felix Manalo. Yes, we accept that the Catholic Church at the beginning was the true Church of Christ, but, it turned away, disappeared like a bubble. Thus, let us be thankful, brethren. It has been a hundred years since the true Church reemerged. The Iglesia Ni Cristo in Punta, Sta. Ana. … Isn’t it that? That’s the faith of that sect. You know brethren, for me, this is a way of ridiculing the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a very evil teaching. This is not a Christian teaching. This is not the teaching of the Bible but rather, surely, this is the teaching of the devil. Is it not just by the tone of his voice that it is quite evident how he insults this Church? So, for him, what kind of teaching is that which concerns full apostasy of the first century Church Of Christ, brother Joe? For him, the teaching that there is an apostasy in the first-century Church Of Christ, it is an insult to our Lord Jesus Christ. Not only that, he even said: It is a very evil teaching. It is not a Christian teaching. It is not the teaching of the Bible. It is surely a teaching of the devil. Let us answer his accusations point by point. Is it true that it is an insult to the Lord Jesus Christ, not a Christian teaching, not a teaching of the Bible, but rather is a teaching of the devil when we teach that “The Church Of Christ in the first century apostatized”? If we shall follow his line of argument, It would appear that the Lord Jesus Christ is insulting Himself and that He is teaching a demonic teaching because He Himself taught this. Let us listen to the pronouncement of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in Matt. 24:10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, So this is our question to Atty. Llasos: Atty. Llasos: Was Christ insulting Himself when He said this? Is it a teaching of the devil when He said: “MANY WILL TURN AWAY FROM THE FAITH?” The Lord Jesus Christ was still on earth when He foretold this to His disciples. Did the Apostles also foretell of an apostasy? How will those who would mastermind the turning away of people from the true faith be recognized? You know, Brother MIchael, Apostle Paul also foretold this. Let us read what he foretold in I Timoteo 4:1,3: Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. So, how can it be recognized How can those who would turn away the first-century church from the true faith be recognized? Through their teaching or doctrine—doctrines of demons. What are these two doctrines of demon that would be taught by those who would turn away their faith? First, Apostle Paul said, “forbidding to marry”, and second, “commanding to abstain from meats.” what is meant by “lamangkati” Brother Michael? “Lamangkati” in Filipino is “meat in English. Atty. Llasos, don’t get offended. According to the Bible, These are the doctrines of demon, the doctrines of demon are, I will repeat — “forbidding to marry” and “commanding to abstain from meats.” Not the teaching concerning… the apostasy of the Church Of Christ in the first century – that is not the doctrine of the devil. Brother Mike, So, Brother Joe, which religion admits, I repeat, we hope our countrymen who were born in the religion of the majority won’t get offended, Which religion admits that they are forbidden to marry and among them, who are forbidden? The answer to that question, Brother Michael, is the Catholic Church. According to the book page, HISTORICAL DICTIONARY OF CATHOLICISM, page 91 this is written: And according to a book of the Catholic Church, THE CODE OF CANON LAW, page 173 this is what they admitted. With all due respect to our Catholic televiewers, We have seen that the doctrines of the devil are in the Catholic Church, not in the Church Of Christ. Let us remember that the Lord Jesus Christ foretold His disciples that many will turn away from the faith, the fulfillment of which is the Catholic Church. Brother Mike, Yes. Because they uphold the prohibition to marry, and they prohibited, it’s common knowledge, all the priests in the Catholic Church. In fact, Mr. Eliseo Soriano copied the teaching of forbidding to marry from the Catholic Church. And that is not an accusation. Who copied that, brother Michael? Mr. Eliseo Soriano, who is now hiding in Brazil, and left his members here in the Philippines. So we brought a book here, this is their Hymnal, with a title, Hymnal book. Hymnal book of the members of the Church of God in Jesus Christ, Pillar and Ground of Truth in the Philippines. This has the picture of their leader, I hope this can be captured by our director, that is the picture of Mr. Eliseo Fernando Soriano. He is the current head of the group known as Ang Dating Daan (ADD). Here in this hymnal at page 72 this is said. What I will read is from their hymnbook: Christians who are single, male and female, sung in the tune of “Ang Pipit” [Filipino folk song] I will no longer sing to this tune, brother Joe, because if I sing this, Mr. Contradiction might fall in love with me. Many people might want your autograph. O youth Let us not marry The end is near So we’ll be saved from punishment. It is embodied here in this hymnal that their members are prohibited to marry. Based on the Bible, Brother Joe, to whose doctrine does the prohibition to marry belong? Is this the teaching of God, or teaching of the devil? That is a doctrine of the devil, brother Michael. Therefore, the doctrine of prohibition to marry is not only upheld by the Catholic Church, but is also observed by Mr. Eliseo Soriano’s group. By the way I remember, that is correct, brother Joe, Mr. Eliseo Soriano, I have a long standing question to him, while he was here in the Philippines He’s already in Brazil yet he hasn’t answered this question, brother Joe. Ah, maybe that is a good question, brother Michael. May we hear that good question, what is your question to Mr. Soriano? Mr. Soriano, the Day of Judgment is near, yet you haven’t answered this question. My question is: What did you do at third floor of Lucky Fortune Hotel in Naga City here in the Philippines – what did you do there? What? Why is it until now, you haven’t answered that question? Alright, let us just leave that. Maybe he did something good there. Let us return to the verse we read before, in Matthew 24.10: What if Atty. Llasos says, “The Lord Jesus Christ says, ‘many will turn away from the faith, The Lord Jesus Christ did not say, “all” It is better if I read again Matthew 24:10 At that time many will turn away from the faith. It is clear Brother Joe that, “The Lord Jesus Christ says, ‘many will turn away from the faith,’” not all. What is your reaction? We do not have a doctrine that says, “ALL” turned away from the faith. But why do we uphold that the first Church Of Christ completely disappeared? What you’ve read is Matthew 24:10. What I will read now is verse 9: This is what our Lord Jesus Christ is saying: Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, Thus, those who turned away from the faith, are those who did not stand their ground. Those who stood their ground were put to death. Because the Lord Jesus Christ said, [you will be] “put to death.” What is the proof that there were killings that took place – for those who stood their ground in the right teaching even in the early Church? Well aside from the imperial persecutions in which the Roman emperors killed many Christians, time came that the Roman Catholic Church also was responsible for the killing of many people. And that is according to the book by Avro Manhattan – Vatican Imperialism in the 20th Century – So we are not simply accusing them for this horrible act but even their own priest testified about the killings. In the book entitled “The Truth About the Inquisition” which was written by a priest and a historian by the name of Dr. John A. O’Brien So, it is not surprising that we did not come to know the first century Church that Christ built because those who did not remain faithful, turned away and followed doctrines of demons. The result of the apostasy is the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. Those who did not join the apostasy were put to death. As we end this program, what we can say is this: The Church Of Christ – it is not us who teach doctrines that is not in the Bible – it is not us who insult our Lord Jesus Christ. And it is not us who teach the doctrines of demon. Hence, may those who are still in the religion where most of us were brought up into not be offended. We revealed this truth not to insult anyone or hurt the feelings of our fellowmen. The reason why we reveal this truth is because we want you to be with us in the right path of serving our Lord God. May the Lord God bless us with peace to each and every family that is reached out by this program of the Church Of Christ.


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