AMERICAN SATAN – Summer Trailer – OUT NOW (2017)

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So when you guys make it big and rolling stones asks you what you want to change most in the world with the relentless What are you gonna, say? Have to finish the lyrics first Five freaking days, till we’re living in LA Do you believe in the devil? Motley Crue, Guns & Roses, Van Halen they all started here Perception is not reality don’t get caught inside the hollowood And the boys on my left they just arrived in town and hope to be the next big thing. Who the hell are you? Use your imagination dude. Why us? Rock ‘N’ Roll, Heavy Metal You wear me on your sleeves but your fans are dangerous and full of passion If that was all real they would never put it out in the open The Pyramid And The Eye, do you what that signifies? Illuminati So what are we gonna call this album? American Satan That’s hot You will be loved Despised All your desires will be fulfilled You know a puppet is free as long as he loves his strings. Verdict is not guilty Johnny, do you have a comment? God bless America What about all the disturbing scenarios surrounding the band? It’s the duality of Rock N Roll. It’s sad the only two things that touch people as much as love and music are sex and violence. Careful what you ask for. This will turn into Woodstock 99 Chaos You got to do your part. I have my own free will. We perform a ritual. I’m not sure i could do this Meet my son Johnny your singer keeps mentioning the devil Is this just sensationalism? He’s dark energy Enough with the gimmick. He will keep coming back! over and over! That’s the spirit my man


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