ABRAHAM HICKS (2020): “Stop Doubting Start Believing” [DO THIS ONE THING]

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How do you now apply it in a way that
gets you the real results that you want and we think that you’re very wise in
recognizing that the first order of business is to be done with the doubt so
we’re gonna come back to something that we said earlier everyone can relate or
most can relate in some way so hundred thousand dollars in debt would like to
be a hundred thousand dollars in the black two hundred thousand dollar gap so
not likely that that’s going to change today in terms of what’s actually in
your bank account but it is likely that you could go from doubt to positive
expectation if you are willing to stay focused on a steady stream of
conversation long enough to get the momentum going and you don’t need us
we would help do it you don’t need us to do it you can find your own way
out of your own doubt but you have to understand that it’s the doubt that
you’re trying to find your way out of not the accomplishment of whatever it is
that you doubt that you can accomplish did you hear that that the work is to
work your way out of the feeling of doubt not into the having of whatever it
is that you feel doubtful about that’s so big because the process to work your
way out of doubt is a gradual process but it’s a for-sure process you can do
it you just have to show yourself that you can do it and if you can do it once
you can do it twice and if you can do it twice you can do it three times and if
you can do it for a few days or a few weeks then you can own that vibration
about that subject and so we start in very basic places we start about things
for which as far as week are concerned there can be no doubt Law of Attraction
abounds accept it or don’t but it abounds now us just saying that doesn’t
make you know it we can know it with everything
that we are and we do but our knowing it doesn’t make you know it because you
might have practiced a strong enough thought contrary to that that when we
are even in the same space we’re not communicating on the same vibrational
frequency so that difference in frequency let’s say a friend knows
something and you think you know something different or do know something
different so there’s a difference of opinion there if you are having a
difference of an opinion between yourself and someone else that is not
going to bring you an emotion of doubt it’s only when you have a difference of
opinion with the source within you about that topic
in other words doubt is your own contradiction of your own vibration it
doesn’t have anything to do with the practical reality of something that
doesn’t have anything to do with a certainty of something the feeling of
doubt is just I’ve got contradictory energy I say I want it and then I say I
don’t have it and I say I want it and then I say I don’t have it and I say I
want and then I say I don’t have it that equals contradictory energy and that’s
what equals that feeling of doubt so when you say I want to talk about the
subject of doubt what we hear you say is I want to talk about the subject of
contradicted energy in me when we hear you say I want to talk about the subject
of contradicted energy in me we hear you say I want to talk about my not very
practiced focus I want to talk about my sloppy thinking I want to talk about me
looking at stuff I don’t want and looking at it long enough that I get
momentum I want to talk about me looking at what is instead of thinking about
what can be and letting what is dominate my vibration when what can be is what’s
dominating my source energies vibration my inner beings focused upon what’s
becoming I’m focused on what hasn’t become yet that’s what doubt is isn’t
this a good conversation (excellent it tells me everything) yeah so so all you
got to do is find things that feel good when you think about them this
is perhaps the most important conversation that we would ever have
with anyone who is wanting to be the deliberate creator of their own reality
you don’t have to take the subject of your desire and think about it until it
happens and in fact when you take the subject of your desire and you think
about it till it happens it usually doesn’t happen anytime soon because
you’re thinking about the subject that you want to happen from the perspective
of it not happening and you’re introducing resistance into the equation
causing split energy which makes you feel doubtful and then you say I think
my doubt is killing this project and we say no your doubt is the indication that
you’re killing this project with contradictory thought you got that
didn’t you (I did) so just cut it out stop stop beating the drum of anything that
makes you feel doubt and beat the drum of what makes you what makes you feel
encouraged about things look for things that you feel already encouraged about
(can you give me an example of when doubt creeps in how I can correct eliminate
whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing) that’s not the time to do it because
that’s like Abraham I’ve fallen out of an airplane I don’t have a parachute
what should I do now hang on it’ll be over in a little bit (okay) because
there’s momentum that’s going on so the time that you correct the doubt
(drum roll) is before you have it you practice believing on things that are
easy to believe until the practice of positive expectation is just you’re
practiced chronic nature in other words how how are you how do you how are you
going to come to feel your invincibility when clearly there are things that
you’ve never done well by focusing on the things that you have done and just
keeping that vibration so active that there’s just not room for the
contradictory vibration we had a conversation one day with a woman on the
telephone she was having none of us she just wanted us to give her some magic
something that would take her directly to what to the condition that she wanted
and since we are trying to teach her how to create her own reality we were
extremely annoying to her so we said find something to think about that isn’t
those things that you’re thinking about all the time about what you want why
would I do that because if you could think about the
things that you’re not thinking about all the time you have a chance of
shifting your vibration and if you have a chance of shifting your vibration then
things will shift in response to your shifted vibration your reality will
change or she wasn’t having any of that either like what like what do you think
I should think about we said well things that don’t matter very much to you and
that you don’t have contradictory energy already going because every subjects
really two subjects if you’ve got this if you’re if you’re feeling lack of
abundance and it’s really strong within you every time you talk about money
you’re gonna practice the feeling of lack of abundance you just can’t get
around it you got to start in some other place like what we said well like think
about butterflies and blue glass and feathers and she literally went (annoyed sound) in the
phone was a telephone conversation what possible good could that do if I think
about things that are meaningless to me we said well it would cause you to
practice a resistance free vibration so she hung up she wasn’t having any of it
Esther, Jerry had not heard the conversation because he was not in the
room they were in San Diego they were going to La Jolla for lunch and as they
got to La Jolla Esther felt a very strong impulse to go into a shop now
that in and of itself is not odd at all but the degree to which she felt the
impulse was strong and Jerry couldn’t hold her back from it which he was
usually pretty good at and so she just bolted in he followed her in she made
her way all the way to a back wall in this shop that went in in in and in and
once she got in there there was a display wall ceiling-to-floor blue glass
well Esther didn’t think about it she didn’t make the association between the
thought that we had presented and what she was seeing and they weren’t looking
for blue glass they weren’t interested in blue glass they found the amount of
blue glass noticeable shockingly noticeable
commented on it and then made their way out there on their way to George’s in La
Jolla for lunch so they went down and had lunch and came out and then they
walked down to the ocean and as they were walking across this
grassy park they were surrounded by a flurry of butterflies that was so
intense that they had to stop talking in order to not eat them intense butterfly
invasion and they were laughing and sort of
waving them away from their nose and eyes and still Esther didn’t realize
what was happening and then a little boy come running across the field and had
something for Esther he was clearly coming directly to Esther holding up a
feather for her that he had found on the ground and when Esther took the feather
she realized that the BlueGlass and the butterflies and the feather had all been
something that we had all focused on together in a non resisted state and
that the universe said since this is active in your vibration right now and
since there is nothing contradicting this active vibration right now then
this will be a very easy thing for you to realize in your experience so their
movement through time and space was influenced the timing of where they went
and when they went there the conversations that they were having with
one another the unfolding of their day caused them to rendezvous in less than
two hours with all of these things because that’s how law of attraction
works when something’s active in your vibration all unseen and seen forces are
moving toward the fulfillment of that in your experience unless you have doubt
and it’s not the doubt that we’re talking about the doubts just the
indication of the contradictory vibration which is only you beating the
drum of a subject in contradiction to what you really want you get this in
other words you get to create your vibrational atmosphere and you get to
make it as detailed as you want you get to add the momentum to the things that
you want and this time-space reality if if if this time-space reality has
inspired within you the desire for something it is our absolute promise to
you that it can deliver the goods in fuller fashion than you have even had
the ability to imagine in its fullness because you haven’t imagined in its
fullness you imagined it, it is increment by increment
you put pieces of it into the vortex and the universe has brought by law of
attraction all of these things together we are co-creating together you see just
understand your very important role and most important understand your most
important work which is that worthiness factor so how does worthiness fit in
with doubt well worthiness is the emotion that you feel when you’re not
contradicting your own desire and doubt is the emotion that you feel when you
are contradicting your own desire and why right now might you be contradicting
your own desire cuz you’ve been practicing contradictory thoughts and
they never felt good then why am i doing it now because you got used to not
feeling good you got used to the feeling of doubt so much so that one day a woman
said they’re trying to encourage her to talk about what she wanted instead of
about what she didn’t want and she couldn’t come up with much and so we
said well do you want such-and-such and she said oh I don’t want that I’ve
already got that well what about such-and-such well I don’t want that
either I’ve already got that she actually thought that desire or wanting
means that feeling of not having it that yearning feeling that if the yearning
feeling isn’t present then I don’t really want it and if the contented
feeling is present then then the universe isn’t gonna give me more
because I’m already contented and that isn’t the way that it is are you getting
this so you just have to talk yourself out of doubt so how do you talk yourself
out of doubt well you can’t. Abraham you lost your mind you just said talk
yourself out of doubt how do I talk myself out of doubt you can’t you have to talk yourself into believing
because there’s no exclusion in this universe you can’t make something go
away you can only make something else be present and so when you tune your tuner
you’re tuning into frequencies and it’s fair to say while you’re tuning into
this frequency you are tuning out of that frequency but it is our promise to
you that if you were to focus on tuning out of that frequency you would tune
into that frequency that you’re trying to tune out of you following us you want
to focus on what you want we’re going to think about what you want you want to
start slow where it’s easy and if you have to think about butterflies and
BlueGlass and feathers until you can show yourself Esther and friends that
had so much fun they make lists of things that they don’t care about and
they watch how many of them the universe will bring to them today long list let’s
go find how much the universe can bring us that we don’t care about well we
cared about it enough to write it down we just didn’t care about it enough to
worry about it we just didn’t care about it enough to
doubt it and we want everything that you care about to get into that category
pretty quick I don’t doubt anything for myself because I know that I’m the
creator of my own reality and I know that I’m an extension of Source Energy
and I know that I was worthy in ways that I can’t even find ways to describe
I know the goodness of my being that’s why I am here that’s why I was given
this opportunity that’s why I have this body it’s why I created all of this I’m
the creator of my own experience and have guidance help me to remember
the trajectory that I’m on


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