ABRAHAM HICKS (2020): “Overcoming The Resistance Of Neediness” [SECRET REVEALED!]

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(I loved what you said about pleading
your case I’m actually in a litigious situation I’m being asked all the time
to plead my case how do I keep my focus on my inspired feelings when I’m
constantly asked to tell the story over and over) such a good question because
the whole point that you’ve heard from us already is that you’re wanting to
find a way to make what is not wanted about what’s manifested less-active
and if you keep looking back at it one of the things that we’ve been saying to
people lately we’re going to compound your question here and then we’ll answer
it fully one of the things that we’ve been saying to people is that your inner
being doesn’t look back your inner being never stands with you justifying why
you’re standing where you’re standing so when you do it you’re right all you’re
doing is keeping active the vibrations that didn’t let in what you wanted to
let in and so you got to find some way of letting that go and we know we love
you so much we know how much your physicality and your ability to observe
everything about it we understand how difficult it is not to do that and we
don’t want you not to do that because there’s so much about it that is so
delicious and beneficial so it really is about telling the story the way you want
it to be you’re going to have to sort of separate that part of your reality from
the rest of your reality and give a lot of attention to your vibrational reality
and not so much attention to this you heard us say earlier and it was probably
a very meaningful remark for you to take in that where you are standing right now
in terms of what’s manifesting isn’t about what you’re doing right now it’s
about what you were offering vibrationally that led up to it and so
the good news is you’re launching all kinds of rockets of desire
but there is no fast way in other words what happens with most people who are
where they are because of all of the actions and thoughts and words that
they’ve offered by default without deliberately telling the story the way
they want it to be and so forth once something is manifest you’re sort of are
where you are you just are where you are and the less flailing about you do and
the less you feel like a victim and the less you feel bad about it then the
better it is because nobody’s holding you to any standards that you should be
perfect how you gonna know what you do want until you’ve lived a little bit of
what you don’t want so you want to give us just what’s going on (it’s a divorce
it’s been going on for years and I’m at the point where I’m continually telling
this story of who did what who deserves what how things should be now it’s just
constantly going over the old story) well do you believe that through the years
that you were together and especially most recently did you put plenty of
things in the vortex (yes) and do you believe that your inner being knows that
they’re all there (yes) and do you believe that you’re only gonna get them through
whatever comes through the divorce is that the only place that your resources
are ever gonna come from again (course not)
well that really matters because what so many people do is they focus upon this
thing that is sucking the life out of them and keeping them from any receptive
mode that would give them any positive impulses that would lead them to what
they really want and so in order to get this little little bit they block off
all of that that’s the way we would look at it is that I’m not gonna focus upon
this little bit and it is a little bit it’s a tiny little bit in relationship
to all of that, just not gonna do it you’ve heard it you know what I’m
talking about you know where I stand you know what I
want you know what I want you know what I want
because your inner being and what’s in your vortex is not giving you what you
want by taking it from someone else to give it to you
that’s the thing that’s the money shortageness
that’s the shortage consciousness that is hindering to so many humans they
believe that there is this finite pie and that I want my share of it and when
you quibble over that paltry little pie you block your avenues for all of this
avalanche of well-being that is coming to you in so many other ways and when
you know that and you have that attitude and you let go of that when you release
that feeling of dependency when you release that feeling of injustice when
you find the freedom of autonomy and self value and the love of source and
the love of your inner being when you find that then even from these places
that have seemed very stingy that are trying to prevent you even they yield to
you unknowingly you say you see what you’re emphasizing here and a lot of
people believe this starts out with children so often you believe that your
value your wealth your good is coming from that source maybe it’s mom and dad
maybe it’s spouse maybe it’s employer my well-being is coming from that and since
my well-being is coming from that then my belief in that is important
because I only let come to me what my belief in that is and that will always
disappoint you because that was never the avenues to which all of your
well-being was coming you kind of follow what we’re saying to you too (I do) and so when
you don’t need it to come from that when you accept that it’s coming from so many
places then that becomes irrelevant to the whole it’s just a part of the whole
it takes the pressure off of it you see what we’re getting at (I do)
when you believe that your well-being is coming through this unwilling place you
get all knotted up but it’s not because what you’re thinking is true about that
it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna have a bad outcome we don’t mean that but it
does prevent all of the other resources from coming in to your experiences like
you’ve asked it’s been given but then you put up a shield so you just don’t
let any good ideas flow so what happens when you believe that that’s the Avenue
through which your good will come you learn you all have done it to some
extent you plead a really needy case because you believe if they think you
don’t need it they won’t give it to you so I need this I really need this I need
this and when you develop that attitude of neediness even though you might
appeal to the good wishes or to the love of a parent and they might give up the
goods because frankly they’re tired of the fit you’re throwing it’s so little
in comparison because at the same time that you’re pleading that case of
neediness you’re blocking all the good that is in your vortex that would flow
to you if you were in that receiving mode rather than that receiving mode so
this receiving mode says oh there’s only so much money to go around and I deserve
it because I did this and I did this and I did this and I did this and you
weren’t nice to me about this and you weren’t nice to me about this and we’re
splitting up because of this and this is wrong and this is wrong and this is
wrong and this is wrong and this is wrong and this is wrong and this is
wrong and that was bad and this is wrong and that was bad and because all of this
is wrong and bad I deserve good to come to me and the universe says you deserve
good to coming to you yes you do you deserve good coming to you but you can’t
get there from there this receiving mode is not going to yield to you this
receiving mode has given you what you’ve got but there’s so much more you see so
it’s like saying never mind just kidding just kidding misunderstood
I thought it was coming from there but now it’s coming from here and I realize
everything that’s there and okay I’m just gonna let go (so what’s the
appropriate thing for me to say to my attorney whatever I mean just it’s okay
with me) here’s what we would say if we’re standing in your shoes we would
say this has been a long process and I believe that you know what you’re doing
and the outcome of this is going to mostly be about your interpretation of
everything that we’ve told you and so I’m just gonna step back and trust that
you’ve got a handle on your interpretation of what I’ve told you and
I’m just gonna let the chips fall where they may and meanwhile I’m going to the casino in
the sky don’t tell him that this is a really good time for a segment of refresh and are you refreshed (yes) good now what (my
question is I’m very sensitive to energy and I feel people’s energy like in my
body as if it’s I feel their body as if it’s my own and I would like to stop
doing that and what are your thoughts about that) well we talked about this
already that most people are offering their vibration in response to what
they’re observing and you’re just observing in a more detailed way than a
lot of people do but everyone is more empathetic than they realize or empathic
everyone is reading energy and not just from body language but you do pick up on
each other but the thing that is important to know is that you can’t pick
up something that is not already active within you in fact it’s really natural
that you would if you’ve got something going on it’s natural that you would
pick it up around you that is the reason that we think it’s such a good idea to
be aware of how you’re feeling and then to want to think thoughts that result in
feeling good


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