6- 43-d The Essence, the Divinity and the Lordship

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So the (Divine) Essence: Lights wherein
people become annihilated Your duty towards It is love. From the Level of Divinity is the creation; the bringing
into existence. and your duty towards It is al-Adab. From the Level of Lordship is the provision and
the Nearness (of the Creator towards His creation) and your duty towards It is to adopting the (secondary)
causes (to reach an end) With the Lordship: you adopt the means,
with the Divinity: observe al-adab,
and with the Essence: love. This is basically the point – nothing more –
behind the issue of “Destiny and Decree” And Allah knows best. this is why He ﷻ told him ﷺ:
“But most of them, [of that], are ignorant”, [Quran 6:111]


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