32 Feet Giant Skeleton Found In India – Hindu God Hanuman?

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Hey guys, a few months back I showed you some
solid evidence about an ancient Giant called Bhima in India. In that video, I mentioned
how I had accidentally stumbled on a footprint of another Giant. Here is a little piece.
Could this be Bhima’s footprint? The locals here claim that it is NOT the footprint of
Bhima, but belongs to his half-brother Hanuman, who also happens to be a Giant. This footprint
is more than 4 feet long and if it is real, the giant who made this impression would be
over 30 feet tall. So how did I come up with this height of over
30 feet? I calculated this based on something called a “height to foot” ratio. Who is this
Hanuman that we are talking about? Hanuman is a giant Ape like God who appears in ancient
Indian scriptures. Here is an article from a newspaper called
“The Age” published on August 10, 1934. It reads:
Prehistoric Giant Ape Skeleton Found in India
Measures 31 feet, 6 inches in length. The sensational discovery of a skeleton believed
to be a prehistoric giant ape, measuring 31 feet 6 inches in length, is reported from
Jubbulpore. You can see how this height matches with my
calculation based on the footprint. When I made the previous video 2 months ago, I did
not know about these newspaper articles that I am about to show you. Let’s read further.
The discovery was made by a farmer, who noticed a bone protruding from the sand on the river
bank near the village of Jaintiha. Attempts to dislodge the skeleton with the aid of other
villagers failed, whereupon the chief of the State had the skeleton dug out. Three men
were required to lift it, the legs alone measuring 10 feet. If you like, you can pause the video
and read the rest. Is this an isolated piece of news fabricated
by a newspaper company to gain attention? No, the same news appeared on a lot of newspapers
around the world because this was a spectacular discovery. Let us read THE SYDNEY MORNING
HERALD on the exact same day. Prehistoric Ape
Found in India Giant Proportions “Prehistoric giant ape, measuring 31 1/2 feet
in length, is reported from Jubbulpore.” It is the exact same news except for a few
changes here and there. Here is another newspaper called THE VIRGIN
ISLANDS DAILY NEWS which published a short version of this news. The size, the location
it was discovered are all the same. Let us take a look at another newspaper called
THE SYDNEY MAIL. Again just different words, but the news is the same. Remember, these are just a few examples and
this same news was published all around the world in many languages that a giant prehistoric
ape was found in Jabalpur district, India. Is it possible that this is the skeleton of
Hanuman? Some Hindu and Jain sects believe that Hanuman
was not a real ape but a human like giant with slight physical variations. Now, all
over the world other giants have been found with variations in their facial features including
elongated skulls, horns and double rows of teeth. So who are these Giants? Sacred texts
from many ancient civilizations, describe these Giants as hybrids between Gods and Humans.
In the bible, they are called Nephilim. Hanuman can also be classified as a Nephilim because
his father was a god and his mother was human. According to Hindu scriptures, Hanuman was
not the only Giant that looked like an ape, but a whole race of giant apes was documented.
Is it possible that this huge skeleton is one of these ape-like Gods? Now, the other important question is: What
happened to this skeleton? Where did this skeleton go? Today, we are not able trace
the whereabouts of this 32 feet skeleton anywhere. Since India was under British control at that
time, this priceless evidence was possibly taken to England along with many other rare
artifacts. So what do you think? Are all these newspapers
from various countries lying to us? Or did India once have an ancient race of Giants
that were 32 feet tall? Please do let me know your opinion. Thank you for watching and talk
to you soon.


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