Watch Wwe’s New Luchador, Averno Take On Sin Cara

“The Nightmare” Daryl Dante Nadu is living the dream and it seems to only get better for this young grappler. Having grown up addicted to professional wrestling and watching the glitz and glamour, Nadu set his mind on becoming one of the superstars he would often watch on TV. With a gimmick that rivals NWA National Heavyweight Champion Chance Prophet and a desire to be fiercely competitive, Nado can only see big things on the horizon.

The Hall Of Fame is something I look forward to each year, despite being too young to have seen any of the inductees in their prime (not to say I haven’t got the tapes). But this year was special, not just because Ric is the only active performer to be inducted, but because there was special heart jumping atmosphere that said, this is the end of an era. Every year you get those heart felt messages and acceptance speeches, but you can tell on the face of every single person at this years ceremony that Flair is the man and that anything said about the guy wasn’t fluff. It was true. I am 17 years old and I dropped a tear – what the hell was happening to the people that grew up idolizing Flair?

In just five short years, Washington, DC native Kacee Carlisle has gone from a last-minute replacement to the top of the mountain. Recently, she took a few minutes to sit down following a title match in Houston to talk about how she broke into the business as well as influences and the NWA World Women’s Championship.

Beverages – This used to the most profitable area. Back in the days of fountain soda, when the cup costed more than the liquid inside it. Many high school no longer have soda fountains and few youth programs are going to have access to them. Today it’s more common for people to donate cases of soda, water or sports drink and resell the individual containers for $1 to $2. I see events mark water and soda at $1 and sports drinks at $1.50. Great, now you have to make change and deal with quarters on half your transactions. Do this and make your like easier. The water is the healthiest item and if they want to pay extra for sugar-water, let them. If it’s donated items the margin is the same at $1 for all items.

I’m trying to keep up with it. I have a wife and two daughters so I’m alone in the house in terms of wanting to watch wrestling. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of it. I like to see when John [Cena] wrestles. I like when Triple H wrestles. I like when Randy Orton wrestles. I like to see the drama play out between those three guys.

Sometimes, the simplest things are the most effective ways on how to get a guy to love you. Whether it’s his birthday or not, giving your man small surprises will make him slowly fall for you.

This is not your typical job ether. Depending on what field you go into you could be working in New York, Connecticut, or even apart of the wrestling shows where you travel all over the planet (US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and even visit the troops in the Middle East). You could be traveling to places you only wished about going to and learning new cultures.

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Watch Wwe’s New Luchador, Averno Take On Sin Cara

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