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This is 3 secrets you need to know about making money online. These secrets are a must if you want to make money online. This is the information that most get rich quick websites will make you pay for in order to get rich. Even when you pay these sites they don’t give you the full breakdown. Why, you ask? Simply because if you know, then they have competition. Well, I’m spilling the beans on top secret software, tips, & websites that you have to take advantage of if you want to earn 7 figures or more using the internet. By giving away this information, I am creating competition for myself, but I have made a lot of money all ready so here you go.

Monitor your conversions. This will help you to build an outstanding B2B Marketing Lists for downline. With the help of this downline you can post your individual lead capture pages.

Use print advertising. Placing an ad is almost as tricky as renting an email database, but realize that we’re not talking about placing an ad in Forbes Magazine. Your local newspaper, your neighborhood newsletter, your Laundromat’s bulletin board… start asking about promoting your offer in everything you read and everywhere you go. Get creative!

Selling on Ebay is a big one. You cannot put a link in auctions anymore, but you can put them on your About Me page. Then you can put a link to your About Me page in your Auctions. For more information on Ebay, check out my article on Ebay buying and selling tips.I have literally 100-200 visitors on just one of my auction alone in a week. And I have about 10 running a week. That can add up quickly. I also send the previous buyers an email list each week letting them know what I have for auction and of course it contains a link to my site.

After watching Flip this House, real estate investors think that rehabbing houses is the only real estate investing strategy out there. Although flipping houses can bring substantial profit, you can also loose a ton of money. Let’s look in detail at what’s involved.

Forum marketing. By sticking to a daily schedule of posting on forums related to your niche market, you can get targeted traffic through your signature file. This is a traffic generation method that pays off in the long run like articles.

Second top video, 11600 views. Now it’s very obvious that I have been doing viral video marketing. And I have been trying my hand at incentivized social media. And I have done some of the other viral marketing; tips that are in the report of you need to know. The third system you are going to see me use very soon is Stats Based Press Releases. And what are those, I will explain them right below this video. So to sum it up, viral marketing is very cool. But it is not its own traffic generation technique. It’s something that you can use in any of your other marketing methods.

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