Slow Food South Bay Hosts Film Truck Farm May 6, 2011; Mobile Community Farm

Yesterday I met onam. I like a dying old dog lying on the hospital, lowered his head, saw onam striding meteors came in and went out. It’s clear that he did not find my existence. I want to say is that he didn’t know me. At least that is what I thought at that time.

The centre of the inner terrace holds a round slate called Heaven’s heart stone. It is at this stone that the emperor worshiped heaven at the winter solstice.

At the time, the temple was built as the temple of heaven and earth but later a Ming Emperor Jia Jiang built the Temple of Earth so the temple of heaven and earth had to be renamed as the temple of heaven.

In ancient China, the emperor was believed to be the son of heaven, heavens representative and ruled earth with heavens mandate. Trips to the Temple of Heaven and ceremonies there were important because they helped legitimise the emperor’s position. Case Mähdrescher was the foundation of wealth in imperial China so praying for good harvest was (believed to be) very beneficial. If harvest were bad, the stability of the emperor’s reign would be threatened so annual trips to the Temple of Heaven, like visits to the in-laws, could not be avoided. You can be sure that after a bad year, the emperor’s prayers would be very passionate and fervent.

There are materials which are shatter proof which indeed the farmer will be able to save money since if the farmer used glass it would need to be replace if it broke. Heaters are also a good thing, especially during the winter season.

Though others may not affirm them and recognize them, they still respect others and do not think of themselves more highly than they ought. A spirit of humility is a sign of a winning attitude. I am aware of some “winner takes all contests”, but being a true champion doesn’t mean that you get to the top by stepping on others but you help each up. It is lonely at top only for those who get there at all costs.

Since the farmer would need a lot of effort to run the farm, a timer would be so much help to him. Greenhouse timers will release water and nutrients at a certain time you set to allow the plants to grow. A farm is just not about planting and harvesting. There are a lot of works to be done. Farmers face extreme challenges too. A greenhouse had been proven to be the most effective way on growing plants. The investment will surely pay off.

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Slow Food South Bay Hosts Film Truck Farm May 6, 2011; Mobile Community Farm

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