Sales Training Programs – How To Select The Right Sales Training Program For You

One of the basic tenets of a good insurance sales training program is understanding a prospect’s needs. This is paramount to the producer’s ability to make the sale and if that producer is not equipped with active listening skills, his or her chances of success are diminished greatly. Active listening is an art, a skill, a learned behavior. As insurance professionals, we have to listen. That’s what we’re trained to do. It’s one of the things we get paid to do. But it’s something that takes a lot of time and practice to master.

Below are methods and mind-sets to put you in the right frame of mind and get you back on track when sales are down. If you have been fortunate and have been meeting or exceeding your sales goals, you may still wish to review these to be sure you stay on the right track. Remember the Number One rule for successful businesses and sales pros: Never get too comfortable where you are. Your competitors are vying for the business of your customers, and new competitors are emerging daily – many from non-traditional sources boasting new business models that challenge the Status Quo. The moment you think you’re ahead of your competition, they will have the advantage.

“I can show you a way to increase sales by 30 to 50 percent or more within twelve months or less because in “Make Your Living in Sales” you’re not going to learn the same old tired sales skills; you’re going to learn the proven sales skills that are implemented by the most successful sales people in the world.

Even if you are in a casual setting, treat every interaction like it is the most important professional presentation you’ve ever given. From your language to your attire, always keep things professional. This is an old rule but one that is still applicable today and every quality insurance sales training will make sure you are doing this.

In business and in life, the people you hang out with will make or break your spirit. May as well hang out with those who feed your soul. If your soul is fed, it’s easy to feed your bank account.

Most salespeople don’t even realize that there are common roadblocks that get in the way of their success. To make matters worse if they don’t know they exist it’s impossible to get around them. Great salespeople don’t have this problem. They’ve uncovered these common roadblocks and now how to get around them fast. For example, a common roadblock is a lack of focus. Perhaps you’ve experienced this. You have twenty things going on all at once and you don’t have the foggiest clue which way is up or which way to go. Should you do project A or project B first? Experiencing a lack of focus can be devastating to a salesperson. Be sure to prioritize and work on the highest priority items first and get them done before you move on to number two.

By creating interest before you start probing for the problems you can solve with your product or service, you put the prospect in a ‘tell me more’ mentality. You will create excitement and willingness in your prospect that will allow you to dig deeper to uncover their true motivation to buy.

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Sales Training Programs – How To Select The Right Sales Training Program For You

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