Financial Resolutions For 2013

Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Industries (RIL) may pick up a 26% stake in Pipavav Shipyard (PSL), India’s largest integrated shipyard with an exposure to offshore structures for oil & gas structures.

For many families the best way to eliminate credit card debt is use a financial planning services to develop a debt elimination plan. One of the first things they are going to ask you to do is to cut up all your cards and live on a cash basis. For many Americans who have grown up using plastic money on a daily basis this will be hard to adapt to. If a credit card is necessary to conduct family business you can ask your financial advisor if using a reloadable credit card is appropriate.

Most Service providers in the market today offer payment getaways which is either not charged or at a very minimal charge. This allows for fraud screening as well.

While it is true that you can not be carrying around large amount of cash and you may find yourself needing a Visa or MasterCard when bank cards are not accepted, the solution need not be a credit card. It can be a debit card. Debit cards come as Visa or MasterCard and therefore, can be used wherever credit cards are accepted. You can also use these debit cards for phone or online transactions. They are as universally accepted as credit cards and can be as convenient.

Portfolio Manager of Hedge Fund Trident asset management Mr. Nandu Narayanan said that postponing the inevitable situation can only drag the discomfort on for a longer time.

I dropped my pencil, an unnerved woman. It’s not that I want to be a multimillionaire, though like everyone else, I do. I’ll settle for comfortable – very comfortable. I enjoy living in a nice home, owing a yacht (our floating cottage), driving nice vehicles and contributing annually to an RESP and RRSP for my daughter and myself, respectively. However also recognized that I would probably be one of financial planning services the millions of people who would be forced to work into their s. I wanted the ability to have all of those luxuries, but not compromise my thoughts of an early retirement. I think these are goals that are shared by most North Americans. Are they realistic? Can they be realized on an average salary? If so, how?

With the stiff competition among banks and with the onset of recession, not all banks managed to survive and be ranked among the best in the market. With the tough financial condition that we have nowadays, it is difficult to trust your money in financial entities which reputation is doubtful. If you are considering opening an account, you should not be hasty with your move, but you should be cautious and be careful in choosing one.

Because I’m not a fortune teller or work for a media company, I don’t earn my living making predictions, but I’m going to make one here. For the next few millennium, expect uncertainty. Invest accordingly.

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