Email Marketing Can You Succeed With It?

You have to make sure that you create quality products in your niche on a continuous basis, at least one every month. Doing this you will have an arsenal of products at your doorsteps making you money like clockwork. To make massive income on the internet you have to make sure that you continuously produce truckloads of content in your niche to drive traffic…

Be careful what time of day you send out email. Don’t get into the habit of sending out email blasts when it is convenient for you. Create your messages and subject lines ahead of time and have them ready to go, so you can send them when your recipients are most likely to see and read them. I’d recommend sending them NOT before 9:00 a.m. and not after 7 p.m. Overnight, they’re just going to get buried behind other email and have less chance of being seen and read.

Do not worry about anti-spam filtering when you compose your marketing emails. You need not avoid any particular phrases or use exotic spelling and punctuation in words like “free.” As long as you are not sending out unsolicited emails, you have already cleared the spam filter hurdle. Write for people instead of machines.

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Make sure you have a clear, unsubscribe button. Do not forget to provide a link to unsubscribe and make sure it is obvious. The goal is to give your customers the freedom to choose what they receive, not to force them into something they may not want.

For some inexplicable reason, many beginning and even veteran email marketers feel the need to create a new persona. Often this persona is influenced by misconceptions of what they believe a marketer should be. You’d be surprised to know that the most effective marketers balance their efforts between being themselves and making a sales pitch. A simple way to do this is sharing parts of your life in your letter without any pretense. Just let your readers know who you are, it’s that simple.

Stay on a schedule when sending emails. A very unprofessional method indeed, not only would this affect your work flow but also would not give your subscribes time to be prepared. By having specific times and dates to send email it increase your success rate with your subscribers. If you regularly send out your mails on Thursdays at 11 a.m the keep that schedule. You’ll soon notice that your subscribers begin to look forward to receiving your messages.

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