Divorce – Do You Need To Get Lawyers Involved?

Familial issues can be difficult to deal with. Trying to solve most problems alone, without legal counsel, is not advised. It is usually best to get someone involved who is not a relative, like a family attorney. This type of lawyer typically helps solve issues related to divorce, though other familiar problems are also handled. Consider the ways in which you can get help by a legal representative for a myriad of issues.

Use a mediator who knows the system. For example, if one person wants all the assets, makes all the income, and wants to leave the other person dependent on the state, she will be able to tell you that the court will not uphold such an agreement as being against public policy. She can also tell you what the courts would see as fair.

Hugh Hefner wants a judge to grant a monthly spousal maintenance of $20,000 per month. Although $20,000 a month sounds like a lot of money, Kimberly Conrad Hefner is currently receiving $40,000 per month. Since their separation in 1998, Hugh Hefner claims he has paid Kimberly Conrad Hefner $12 million.

The big question on the minds of millions of Kardashian fans is was the marriage real to begin with? E! certainly made a profit on the wedding footage. And Kim likely made more of a profit from the wedding than she actually spent on all of the thrills. As reported here last month, most of the costs from the ceremony were donated or traded for publicity.

In Eva’s divorce papers, filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Eva cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split, she wanted her maiden name back, and also indicated she was seeking spousal support from Tony. Court documents also state that the couple had a temporary guardianship form. It was signed in 2007, the year they wed, and amended in 2009.

Shock, confusion, panic sets in. If we do a pre-nup, doesn’t that mean we are already planning out divorce? Does that mean there are doubts? Does that mean you don’t trust me? How can we go forward in our marriage if you are thinking about our divorce? If the foundation of a good relationship is trust, then aren’t we already in trouble?

Can you see how just going through this process can make your marriage stronger, how setting boundaries and outcomes gives you a firmer foundation upon which to build that happy life together? You want a great relationship, don’t go into it with a “la-la-la we’re so in love so everything will be great” attitude. Know that marriage is a business proposition, in fact, the most important deal you will every make. So make it a sound, solid, secure one…and then allow love to guide the way.

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