17 Simple Feng Shui Tips For Attracting More Love And Romance Into Your Life

Surveys have shown that when it comes to feeling really and truly fulfilled, women across all ages and cultures have repeatedly rated romance on a far higher scale than sex, even if the latter was mind-blowing. For the average woman, romance is equated with her being perceived as a person with feelings and emotions instead of a mere object to be desired and lusted after. That’s why romance tops a woman’s desires – always and every time.

I was ashamed of my roots because, well, I had none. Back then, I was unaware of from where I came; essentially, my roots began and ended with a few still pictures in my head. Even my name wasn’t real. Only decades later would my true identity and family history finally be revealed to me. And sure enough, it wasn’t a pretty picture. For instance, it turns out my real father was a hood and a killer; a mid-level guy in la cosa nostra, and it was my own mentally ill mother who bumped him off when I was three. Then came the foster homes and the orphanage. And that was just the prelude! Anyway…

The key ingredient to sexshop is this: “An unexpected gift, at an unexpected time”. Most women aren’t too impressed if they have to tell their husbands to be romantic. Most women like to be surprised: surprised with a gift that they did not expect, at a time when they didn’t expect it. Sure, you still need to be romantic on your anniversary, their birthday, valentines day (don’t forget!). But if you truly want to make your wife feel special and loved, then do the unexpected. It doesn’t have to be an overseas holiday for two: small is good, too. It could be a CD that she likes. Perhaps a dinner with the kids babysat (that you’ve organised without her knowing). Some flowers. Whatever it is, big or small (and small is good too), make sure that it’s unexpected.

Soak up the sun with your beloved while spending a day at Fiesta La Ballona. Listen to the many choices of live entertainment on offer at two stages, share a meal at the food court, hang out in the beer garden or simply peruse the many arts and crafts booths on offer. This event takes place August 26th, 27th and 28th and admission is free.

There is nothing wrong with this, and what’s more is the individual you have a fling with has probably done exactly the same thing. This is very attractive to you and can boost the confidence of anyone in the world. If the reinvention of you has been franked by the reassurance of another reinvented soul you can really go places.

Are you and your steady looking for a date idea that offers a plethora of food options? Treat your special someone to an afternoon of cuisine, as you sample from over 100 gourmet food trucks and restaurants while enjoying live entertainment, DJ performances, multiple shopping venders and, for those of you who are beer lovers, a Budweiser beer garden. This event takes place at Angel’s Stadium on August 27th from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Florida is the perfect place for your next romantic holiday, and whether you are planning to have a short or long stay, St. Augustine is a great city to visit. The historic and antique aspect of the inns and resorts here is a great backdrop for romance.

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17 Simple Feng Shui Tips For Attracting More Love And Romance Into Your Life

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